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Pain therapist in blueshield network?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by balancedanswers, Mar 3, 2021.

  1. balancedanswers

    balancedanswers Peer Supporter

    Hey guys. I am really close to getting medical clearance (one more test) and also a proper PPD diagnosis from a doctor who can do it properly.

    Does anyone have a therapist (can be in any state) that they have worked with that helps you with ongoing TMS work? I'm having trouble finding therapists / psychologists who understand MBS as well as in my network (costs can add up over time). I'm been using Google, Psychology today and the TMS Wiki - a lot of the therapists on the site are out of network

  2. miffybunny

    miffybunny Beloved Grand Eagle

    I honestly think it will be almost impossible to find a TMS therapist covered by insurance. Most insurance companies cover standard CBT type of therapy and even that they usually don't cover very much (in my experience anyway). The other problem with that is their therapy is based on a "coping model" rather than "curing model". There are therapists who use more emotions based approaches or even ISTDP therapists or therapists who specialize in trauma, but the insurance thing is very tough. Some are willing to work on a sliding scale. My advice to you is to invest in a few sessions with a coach or therapist even if it's out of pocket. Most people really only need short term solution based therapy when it comes to TMS. In my personal experience, the money I spent on therapy was a drop in the ocean compared to what I spent on doctors and ridiculous treatments, horrible procedures and pain management. It was also worth every penny. I spent 100 dollars on a tms book for example, and that was worth every penny at the time. Compared to getting your life back, spending a few hundred or even a couple thousand is nothing in the scheme of things. Having said all that, you can also get better simply by reading and implementing the concepts for free. Maybe you just need a session or 2 with a coach or therapist for some direction and strategies. It all depends on your needs. There is no Ph.D in TMS unfortunately lol. If there was, you would have one too at this point!
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  3. balancedanswers

    balancedanswers Peer Supporter

    Thanks Miffybunny you're on almost every one of my threads.

    Yeah, the costs add up out of network.

    I guess - does anyone have a good therapist, period that deals with TMS pain who is good
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  4. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    My therapist Samantha Bothast is incredible. I was one of the worst cases my physiotherapist had seen in twenty years. I was disabled with severe chronic back pain for fifteen years. Samantha worked with me over a period of twelve months to the point where I was basically pain free and my life was transformed for the better. I would highly recommend her if you have some deep seated psychological issues that need to be addressed. Direct message me if you want her email address. I am now coaching people too after experiencing such a life changing recovery I wanted to help others do the same but I am not a psychologist.
  5. braveheart

    braveheart Peer Supporter

    You might want to consider seeing a TMS coach. Most do telemedicine sessions and do not charge as much as a therapist. Many, I believe, while not licensed counselors, have had TMS and through their own journey have a deep understanding of human nature. I found that quality in my TMS coach to be as valuable as any clinical experience that a counselor would have. There are coaches listed here on the wiki as well as other websites such as SimplySarno and psychophysiologic disorders association.
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