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Pain starting to come back

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by jjsurfn, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. jjsurfn

    jjsurfn New Member

    Two weeks into my Healing
    After reading Healing Back Pain and starting the program on TMSWiki I felt the best I have in months and even started to get back to some physical activities. I am now having a little setback and some pain has returned. I have found myself thinking about the pain and negative thoughts of my fear of not being active as I want. A couple times I have been able to really concontrate on whats going on in my life and start to feel better. I know that I can do this because of the results I have had. But it seems like my mind is all over the place and I found my self really tense for a day or two, and pain increased. I feel like if I can keep my thoughts positive I feel much better but it is really hard to keep those other thoughts of fear and anxiety out of my head.
  2. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Totally natural! Be gentle with yourself, you know it works, so when it does - appreciate it, and when it doesn't (as Dr Sarno says...) 'look for the psychological...'
    it is a process and it takes time, patience and honesty... good luck
  3. cookie_777

    cookie_777 Peer Supporter

    it's not about getting the fear out of your head, it's about recognising the fear and anxiety. Don't push it away because then you'll just repress it and end up at square one. Accept that it's there, see it, feel what it is, how it shows, then talk to your brain, but don't be afraid to listen either! And then go back to the daily reminders, set aside that time and just remind yourself. Then go to day #3, I'm on day #3, and read that article by the guy that was cured. It talks about the pain itself is used to create fear which promtps more tension, and it isn't the pain that's bad, it's our relationship to the pain. Check out the recovery program, week O, by alan langdon, I especially liked it when he told the lady, 'I don't care about the pain going away. I care about you learning to not give a shit, not focusing on the pain. Can you do that?'

    Re-read the healing your back, let your anxiety come to the surface, ask yourself why, ifma. Yyou're so afraid, do som journalling, and do those reminders. YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE TO YOUR BODY, okay? YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF YOURSELF. YOU ARE IN CONTROL. And sometimes, people have relapses. It's normal. Oh and do a check on your life, something must have cropped up that is stressing you out that has nothing to do with the pain. remember, the first reaction the body has to an event, occurs in the body. What's happening in your life? And don't give up!
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  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great responses, in my opinion. Keep at it jj and notice the dynamics that you are so clear on. You're building a deep mental program, over time, and it is like learning to do something new, like swimming. It is like using new muscles, and learning to strengthen those muscles. Your results already are evidence that you are on the right track!
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  5. jjsurfn

    jjsurfn New Member

    Thanks for everyones very helpful responses. I have really realized a lot of anger and fear issues that I have and keep finding more every day as I do the TMS program. One of the big issues I think i am having is the every day stresses of running a business that really is not doing that good. These stresses seem to show up almost every day, seems like i am really fighting the daily stress and that the TMS seems to keep letting me know its there. I do feel better though just knowing that there is hope but dealing with these is going to be a big hurdle to get through. I know life will never be easy and pain makes it much harder to deal with. I seem to really feel good after going on the TMS wiki every morning and reading other peoples stories. Thanks
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