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Day 3 Pain scare tactics finally sinking in

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by mstlymebutmstlyu, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. mstlymebutmstlyu

    mstlymebutmstlyu New Member

    So today I read and listened to a lot of material pertaining to day 3 of the program. It was mostly about identifying the symptoms and how doing so gets me caught up in the pain which can increase miserably.

    What stood out to me in the readings and video was the example of the man and woman who couldn't sit because the pain intensified. We are conditioned to expect pain with certain activities. In my case it was in a number of ways

    1. Sitting down to use the bathroom- I was angry at how low the bowl was and how hard the surface was. This caused me to sit on my trigger points which cause tear jerking spasms. I just had to buy an elevated toilet seat for $35 bucks to make life easier. Before I made my purchase I didn't use the bathroom instead a pail next to my bed. I made sure to eat little and drink little so I would t have to use. This was crazy indeed. But now the spasms are gone and going to the bathroom is easier with the new seat. Which I will work on giving up

    2. Pain increased at night right before dream land. My numbness would intensify the nerve pain intensified. And I could t get comfortable. The. Again upon waking in the morning. Getting out of bed first thing was advoided u less I had to.

    3. Sitting I could no longer sit on couch or lay on couch. No longer sit at the table or in the car. Sitting was more painful the anything.

    4. Standing more that 3 mins and walking

    These 4 examples were what conditioned me to feel pain. Day 3 on the program and I'm wAlking more. Using the bathroom without fear. Today I drove.

    Everyday I'm starting to not fear the pain and by doing that the pain is so much more tolerable.

    I'm not going to write about past trauma now but I will say that yesterday I read something where someone said that we are far more than we think we are. If I think I'm worthless well that's a lie. It's all a perception change like a cable box. Many different channels. And different programs running at the same time and u can choose to tune in at any time. So I'm shifting my perception from fear and doom to possibilities, potential, and courage to know if I continue I will awaken to the truth which will vanish any false belief.

    Today I feel better and I'm choosing to not journal about my past trauma because it's so unimportant now. I'm basking in courage.

  2. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!! I've read Alan Watts stuff but have never heard his voice.:):):):)
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  3. mstlymebutmstlyu

    mstlymebutmstlyu New Member

    Hey Molly! I'm glad that you enjoyed it as much as I do. I've watched this particular video lots of times. It's powerful. I've also listened to most if Alan Watts other lectures. I also have another favorite. Very powerful message. Let me know what you think!

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  4. nowtimecoach

    nowtimecoach Well known member

    That was wonderful mstly.... To be able to tap into that same awareness of nature unfolding is the key to my healing. I do a heart rhythm meditation that takes me through 6 stages of awareness. I spend 3 minutes meditating and noticing everything within the senses - my butt touching the chair... feet on the ground... my breath going in and out, etc. Then 3 minutes being aware of my thoughts about what I'm sensing... just noticing the judgements and opinions I have about everything going on in and around my body and senses. Then 3 minutes in the pure mental place where all the scheduling, planning, worrying, etc takes place. Then 3 minutes just in Imagination - wherever I want to take it - where ever I want to enjoy etc. The 3 minutes watching thoughts that concern the world beyond me - can be opinions, can be gratitude or appreciation, can be compassion for others suffering. Then the last 3 minutes enjoying the real fact that I am but one molecule in this natural order of things. I allow the sensations of being in the Universe, in the Love field envelop and nurture me and feel the exchange as I give back.
    Its been very helpful to discern and start developing more keenly my awareness when I'm in these different states and how it affects the pain currently going on.
  5. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    I loved the story mstlymebutmstlyu --Awesome. And your techniques and styles are off the charts nowtimecoach,
    that is some great advice for anyone at any level of healing.
    Thank You both,
    Alan Watts us super....

    Be strong, learn to be aware of negative feelings when they arise and then continuously say good-bye to them. Replace them with positive characteristics of trust, confidence, hope and love.
    Norman Vincent Peale.
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