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Pain right side of my back, I think it's from TMS, HELP!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by sanbenito, Jun 6, 2020.


Anxiety from poor nutrition and back pain

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  1. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    Dear friends, good morning to you I wanted to ask you in particular about a complex issue

    I wanted to consult him, since I cannot solve this problem .... stress due to calorie restriction can cause pain in my body, since I lost a lot of weight I have come with pain that I cannot identify with MRI or anything , massages do not work, nothing at all but my discomfort continues, could it be due to lack of calories or low weight? I have been with these discomforts for 2 years, I had eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, I do sports I always move but I wanted to know if the lack of weight in my body can cause that, if it causes anxiety and with them are my symptoms in my back, I do not know if it has to do with food or not ... but it is something that I cannot decipher. I have seen doctors, performed acupuncture and nothing works .... my discomfort is there

    the symptoms of my back are always on the right side, low area, the doctors checked me and there is nothing wrong with my lumbar, everything is perfect but my pain is still there. restricting my body from calories can cause anxiety and with it pain? This pain appeared in December 2017 and I am still with it.

    I attach pictures so you can see where my pain is. Thanks for your help. I expect a prompt response. I have read the books on J. Sarno, I practice sports, meditation and write in a newspaper every day. But I still haven't resolved my symptoms.

    Can all my back symptoms be generated by anxiety about feeling hungry?


  2. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi sanbenito, and Welcome!

    Your experience sounds like an example of TMS to me. So yes, I think you're in the right place to get help.

    Chronic pain, checked out by physicians who "can't find anything wrong" is pretty strong support for your TMS self-diagnosis. We here at the Forum can't do much more than that: reflect back to you how your experience/symptoms/diagnoses probably do --or do not fit what we know. We're not physicians, to be clear. We're fellow sufferers, some of us perhaps knowing more about this than you, because we've lived it for years, studied it, studied it in ourselves.

    As I read your post, a more pure TMS approach would be to forget the nutrition aspect, except as it may contribute, as you suggest to anxiety and stress, the so-called psychological. So there may be in the development of this pain, if it is TMS, the origin with "deprivation" on a psychological level. Or it can be related to other submerged "inner stresses" which you're not completely aware of yet, but which are obvious to you in the eating "disorder" stuff you went through.

    In many cases the pain starts with an event, either psychological or physical, then begins to last a long time. Even when the tissue is healed, or in your case, when the nutrition is supplied correctly later. This pattern supports a TMS diagnosis for you.

    In this case, reassuring yourself that you're eating "well enough" now, and that there is no lasting damage is probably important.

    We have free resources here. I recommend you learn all you can by reading success stories and doing the Structured Education Program, free at the Wiki. Importantly you'll probably never find a case "just exactly like mine." That's OK! You educate yourself and find more and more in time how this TMS pattern may indeed fit your life. This learning is a huge part of the "cure."

    Good luck in this work.

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  3. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    Thank you very much for answering! Any advice you can get here in this community is really helpful.

    I weighed 73kg then to follow fad diets I lost kilos and was 60kg and then I began to want to regain all the weight lost, but I could never do it. I have 2 years with a lot of stress for it and even following diets.

    Do you think I should start eating more, not follow any diet, try new foods and with it my physical pain will go away? My pain allows me to train, work and have a normal life. It is not a pain that paralyzes me, but it is a dull pain that lives with me.

    my doubt is the anxiety generated by wanting to eat and not doing it, can it generate all my chronic physical symptoms?

    What should I do to eat more?

    I must eat all kinds of food to recover.

    Sometimes I think that if I returned to my normal weight all my physical pain would go away. but I'm not sure about it, fear can also generate my physical pain
  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    I have a hard time answering these specifics. Here are some ideas.

    Anything which adds stress can add to symptoms.

    Taking care of yourself in a normal physical way with diet and exercise is safe, and then eliminates this being a factor. Then you can focus on underlying causes of pain, if you still have pain.

    We generally see anxiety as being a TMS equivalent. That is, that your anxiety can be treated with the same method. Claire Weekes has some good material re mind-body anxiety treatment. Also Howard Schubiner's "Unlearn Your Anxiety and Depression" is a TMS approach for anxiety. So you can work the anxiety like you would TMS, including in the SEP I mentioned above.

    This is good to know. This is important TMS information for your own work. Also, it is perhaps your fear about that you need to probably return to normal weight in order to get out of pain, which is part of the "fear=pain" equation.
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  5. sanbenito

    sanbenito New Member

    So you think that I should eat and give my body what it asks me for is that moment, and achieve the balance of eating healthy for both my mind and my body, if my body asks me for an apple to give it and if my body gives me ask for an ice cream also give it to him, because that would not generate anxiety or pressure to my mind. So I must seek to enjoy food more and not diet more. With that the pain will go away, do you think?

    in summary I should:
    1: eating healthy for my mind and body means being able to enjoy a salad but also enjoy a pizza.

    2: no longer look at a number on the scale.

    3: no more dieting and enjoy eating well and playing sports.

    All those points would make my physical pain disappear?

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