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Day 8 Pain (now just discomfort) comes and goes

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by ITRN1, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. ITRN1

    ITRN1 Newcomer

    I am one of those lucky enough to have most of the discomfort disappear in only a few days after reading the Healing Back Pain book. I do feel some minor pains here and there but when I recognize what they are they go away. As others have said, it felt like Dr. Sarno was writing about me so maybe that's why it was so easy to accept the diagnosis. I still have niggling doubts but I've also seen clear signs that this is TMS. I am doing the education and journaling every day although either I'm not digging deep enough in identifying past traumas and stresses or I just don't care anymore? I don't really respond emotionally to what I write. So, I logically believe in the TMS diagnosis but I think I need to keep reading to get rid of the doubts. Besides doing this program I think I'll try reading books by others about TMS.

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