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Day 15 Pain moving around

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by 2BT4U, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    During the past two weeks has your pain been moving around?

    Yes, in the last 2 weeks I have been having pain move around. I've gone from the pain in my lower back and right leg to the following:

    Left hip, leg, foot. (We have stairs, almost every single time I step off the last one with my left foot, my foot hurts then goes away just like that.
    Tooth pain where there's no tooth.
    Pain across my forehead like a neuralgia
    Feelings like pins poking into my shin
    Itching underarms never had that before!
    One spot of my hip burns off and on
    Buttock pain
    Right inside knee pain
    Muscle spasms in both legs
    Slight dizziness
    Most recently I was awakened in the middle of the night with feeling of rectal pain from the inside out. Felt like I needed to use the toilet nothing happened but a lot of pain. It hurt so much I was almost in tears. I went back to bed, then my legs started to shake. I begin talking to myself (in my head) and kept telling myself to calm down its just the TMS and basically told it to get the F out it disappeared within 15 minutes haven't had it since.
    Strange left side ear pain
    Right side jaw pain
    Strange quivering of nerve. beside my nose, seems to magically jiggle on its own!
    Changes in bowel habits

    I'm sure there's more but these pain regions are really saying to me I've got TMS,
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  2. Stella

    Stella Well known member

    Isn't TMS intriguing and powerful. You are making awesome progress. The mind is so powerful. It is just incredible what the mind can accomplish in the body to distract you from the emotional.

    I still have this moving around of pain and various symptoms especially fearing I am not good enough, a failure and rejection is happening. This has been specifically related to playing a sport: arm pain, 6 months later hip pain then foot pain.

    I work my program; journaling, physical activity and meditation. And awareness of who I am and what i do to myself. Never knew until this wiki!!
  3. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, 2BT4U. Our subconscious does move pain around and even do nutsy things like you feel tooth pain where there is no tooth. The subcon does all this to make us discover the TMS repressed emotions we have. It's great that the pain went away when you were in bed and yelled at it. Some people talk nice and sweet to their subcon, while others find it best to yell at it. I think you are making good progress i the SEProgram. Keep at it, keep journaling to discover those repressed emotions.
  4. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    Thanks you Stella and Walt!

    Well, I had it again last night it took longer but it did finally go away! I still have it a little today. Kind of bothers me since I've never had that happen to me before. Is there any affirmations that people use for this pain besides making myself stressed getting mad?

    I'm also going to add to this the day before this new pain started I was over visiting my elderly grandmother. She has a ipad and wanted me to delete a few of the same picture she got from holding the button too long. I did that for her then went into her email program to be sure she wasn't getting any spam emails. This is something she has me doing every so often. Well, when I opened up the email program she jumped up and took the ipad from me and said that's ok, that's ok, thank you. Stunned I said what's wrong? Nothing. This went back and forth for a couple of minutes and she said Oh I'll show it to you one day not now. So I backed off and said oh got yourself a boyfriend don't you? She said no I don't. So, I have no idea what that was about. Into the middle of the night I started having this new rectal pain ugh!

    I ended up doing the dialogue of the SEP that night where I'm talking for her and myself. I basically came to the conclusion that she's no different then me where if somethings on my ipad doing something I would be a little defensive too. But I just can't seem to stop thinking about why she was like that, what does she have to hide, she's never been like that before.
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  5. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    Well, after all the above, it turned out to be a surprise birthday party for hubby that I as not told about! LOL My stepdaughter and my Mother had it planed via imessages and emails! HaHa wonder if my rectal pain will stop now!
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  6. Moppy

    Moppy Peer Supporter

    Hi 2BT4U
    That's hilarious!...your story really made me laugh. Isnt it interesting tho how our minds run away imagining all sorts of scenarios which lead to a range of unpleasant emotions? I guess its really another aspect of catastrophic thinking which many of us TMSers are so good at....i know I am anyway. Thanks for sharing.
  7. 2BT4U

    2BT4U New Member

    The best part of it all was no pain last night! LoL
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  8. cotemd

    cotemd Newcomer

    Hello, I am also on day 15 today, I've had low back pain and general back pain for the past 1.5 year. since I started the program my pain has changed, less pain and less soft tender spots around my low back. However, it has been quite interesting, I started working out on Monday and even running on the treadmill. I started jogging for 10-15 minutes at a low speed, right after my workout I felt needles on my feet and legs (also like nerve pain shooting to my feet), I have never experience this before. I try to ignore the painful sensations and eventually goes away. I wonder why it happens?? It is hard to ignore but working hard on keeping up my progress. Has any one else experience something similar? like pain moving around after started or resume working out after a long time. Thanks so much.

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