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Pain Medication Question

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by joseph32, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. joseph32

    joseph32 Peer Supporter

    Anyone who have chronic pain just stop the narcotic pain medication and see results when you did to your pain? I think the brain is sometimes looped to create the pain. I would like to hear the stories of others. I have stopped and feel more pain, which I am sure is the TMS telling me I need it. I try to relate it to emotions and break the pain cycle. If anyone has done this, how long after you stopped until you noticed a change in the pain? I greatly appreciate any input.

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  2. Redditor

    Redditor Peer Supporter

    I think the fact that you're feeling more pain after terminating use of pain medication is due to withdrawal, not because TMS is telling you you need the medication. After you use a narcotic for a period of time, your body builds up tolerance to it. When this happens, you need more of the chemical to achieve the desired effects. If you suddenly stop taking the medication, your body goes into withdrawal and increased pain could be an effect of that.
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  3. joseph32

    joseph32 Peer Supporter

    Yes I can see this point. It really has not been a lot more pain, as I really do not take that much. I am curious to how long it will last.
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  4. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    joeseph32 the pain will sub-side enough that when you do begin to wean off the pain meds you shouldn't feel any pain. If your still feeling lots of pain its cause you haven't let the pain sub-side enough. Dr. Sarno always gave his patients pain meds until there pain was almost gone ok, hope this helps.
    Bless You
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  5. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Also, when you expect to be in pain, you will be. Scientific studies have shown that the same pill will decrease pain levels more if it is colored red vs if it is colored blue, and a placebo will relieve more pain if it is an injection than if it is a pill (and even more if it is a placebo surgery - and, yes, they've done studies with fake surgery). Likewise, a pill will relieve pain better if you think it is more expensive. All of these studies show how powerful our expectations are in determining our pain experience.

    Bottom line: as Steve says (copyright 2012, SRO), if you believe you'll feel pain you will. It may take some time to overcome this and come to feel safe without the meds. Take it at your own pace and only when you feel comfortable. As always, consult your physician before making any changes in medications.
  6. joseph32

    joseph32 Peer Supporter

    Thank you Eric & Forest. I can function without the pain medication. I just feel like it makes the "uncomfortable" pain a little more comfortable. I know this is a mind thing for me. I just wanted to reassurance from those that had been in the same experience. To know the pain gets better and medication is really not necessary. I appreciate you responses.
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  7. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Joseph32, I'm with you. If you can function without the pain medication, don't take any.
    You're on your way to not thinking about any pain. Put your mind on other things and
    your subconscious mind lets up on you.

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