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Pain is back now what?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by dusty67, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    OK so after 1 month of little to no pain...what I call background noise...its all come back again. I have had some stressors. Which I've acknowledged and journaled about. I bent over 2 days ago and had a sharp pain in my back (after doing this repeatedly for at least 1 week with zero pain) Then it all spread into my legs and feet again. Now every time I bend or lean forward or stretch forward Im getting a sharp pain. Its now aching full time and Im starting to get an aching tailbone again and throbbing spine. I keep thinking I've re-injured it. Which looking at my evidence list does not make sense....especially given all the crazy things I've been doing for these last couple of weeks with no problem. I keep telling myself " its just TMS. My back is healthy and normal. I CAN BEND, I CAN stretch, I CAN move any way I want without pain" When I did this before I wouldn't have pain. Now every time Im getting pain. I have not been focusing on the pain at all. I know Im not supposed to. But when it takes over the majority of your body its pretty flipping hard to ignore!!!! My anxiety ridden brain is screaming WHY???? I was doing so good!!!! I know Im supposed to think psychological but if I delve into deep emotions right now Im just going to end up crying, tensing up and in more pain. I guess I pull out the muscle relaxants (if I didn't throw them all away) and go to bed. I know its possible to be to hard on ourselves and push ourselves too much. Maybe that's what I've done? I keep thinking if I just keep bending and twisting & lifting even if it hurts every time it will eventually stop? Or should I just back off and not push my body so hard? But my back is healthy....why cant I keep moving as much as I want? I read somewhere its good to yell or get mad at your pain...this is what Im doing and its getting worse I think because Im tensing up and getting upset. Aaahh....OK tomorrow is another day. Back to SEP. I will get through this....I will get through this...Thanks all for listening...it does feel good to get it out....Im sure my husband appreciates not having to hear about it again Ha!
  2. cishealing

    cishealing Peer Supporter

    Dusty, there is no question that relapses just really suck. You haven't re-injured anything. Likely this is an extinction burst where the TMS was losing you and its trying to get you back. Recognize the fear for what it is. And recognize that it will pass, as will the pain. There is nothing wrong with easing up on the activity a bit for a couple of days while you work on getting the fear of the pain (and of activity) under control. It will get better, and then resume moving forward with activity at that time.

    Good luck.

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  3. alexandra

    alexandra Peer Supporter

    I'm on the same boat. I have been 98 percent pain free only to relapse, this last one has been the longest one yet. I have the same spot of pain on my left si joint which spreads down both legs. Arms as well for me. Like RSI symptoms. This time TMS added a bad cramp behind my neck after I was fixing my hair for a birthday part, haha at this point all I can do is laugh at how ridiculous TMS is, sure symptoms from head to toe are no fun but believe me I thought I was cured many times before, so giving up is not an option and yes I recognize the fear is the main problem for me. ☺
  4. alexandra

    alexandra Peer Supporter

    My husband doesn't like to hear me complain, specially when he has to do the groceries because of my recent neck cramp lol, this forum is great and I look forward to hearing our recovery progress. Dr sarno recommends to wait if nesessary, during episodes of increased pain and once it all has calmed down, pain, anxiety, and fear resume activity.
  5. dusty67

    dusty67 Peer Supporter

    Thank you Cee. I decided to take a different approach (as I was feeling confident and full of energy this morning) and throw myself full speed ahead into activity ignoring every twinge and burning sensation. I went straight to the pool this morning and worked harder than ever. Mentally it feels great! Although it did not drive the pain away Im in a better mental frame of mind to deal with it. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. So helpful :)

    Alexandra the pain moving around is so frustrating isn't it? A hair styling injury Ha! You have to laugh at that!!!! I think beating the fear is really key. I felt a little better this morning when I woke up so I decided to just get on with my day. Sometimes I feel like Im at war....I challenge the pain and declare that I will conquer it. I try to laugh at it as others have suggested. This morning I put on music and danced around my livingroom just to prove to myself that I CAN. Had some pain but just ignored it. My husband could relate to yours....he hates getting stuck with the groceries too Ha! Today I will go get them myself....pain or no pain! Wishing you a speedy TMS recovery Thank you for your response :)
  6. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I began having a return of lower back pain this morning and had to take an Advil. It feels much better
    now, but I have been telling myself it is caused by TMS because I didn't do anything to cause it.
    I did some leg lifts in bed yesterday and thought that caused the pain this morning, but really doubt it.

    I know I am still dealing with a major TMS cause -- financial insecurity. I keep telling myself that
    is going to improve soon, which it could. But meanwhile, I just have to believe that 100 percent,
    as I believe in TMS.

    So we're all in a very big book. It seems that everyone, from high school basketball stars to the Pope
    has back and other pain. I wonder what TMS the Pope is repressing? haha

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