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Pain increased since finding about TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by svidwe, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. svidwe

    svidwe Newcomer

    I found about TMS two days ago and instantly bought one of Sarno's books. I finished reading The Mindbody Prescription earlier today, and I could relate to everything in the book, especially the personality traits.

    I've been experiencing all sorts of aches for the last two years. I have a tendency to tense up whenever I'm stressed or anxious. My current pain (and the worst one so far) involves both of my wrists and forearms. Typing and mousing hurt like crazy, but I can write and work with my hands just fine.

    Anyway, as much as I liked the book, my pain has gotten significantly worse ever since I finished it. I'm in terrible pain at the moment. It's never been this bad. Nothing seems to be relieving the pain, not even a hot shower combined with massage, which usually works. I was wondering if this is just part of the healing process. Has anyone else experienced the same? I was actually expecting the pain to alleviate at least a little bit, now that I understand my condition better... But apparently the opposite thing happened.
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  2. Mark1122

    Mark1122 Well known member

    Hmmm well the one thing that worked for me so good is not caring about the pain. I readt the book and thought i really have TMS, but the pain got worse and i doubted it again and i kept focusing on the pain. When i still felt it i was like well i believe i have TMS but why isnt it working like a lot of other people that heal after reading. Then i stopped caring about the pain, i know nothing is wrong with my body. The pain gets worse? i dont care . It's my mind. I believe my nervous system is on volume 10 instead of 1, and that's why i still feel pain. I didnt read unlearn your pain but i believe i still have to unlearn it. So once i stopped caring about the pain it got 50% better after 1-2 days. I am still in pain and need to work on the last 50% but its progress.

    I am in pain 24/7 and gets worse when i use a pc, computer or writing etc. Or when working out. But once i stopped caring that i still had pain it got better eventually.

    stay strong!
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  3. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Every time I start a diet, I gain 5 pounds immediately. When I dropped salt and started doing more cardio my blood pressure went UP when I needed it down. It's very common to have TMS symptoms get worse when they are discovered as such because they have had your attention for so long... they are saying 'but we're real...don't look at that emotional stuff...

    They sense their imminent demise and scream louder. Keep reading... Look at the area's of your life discussed in the text, and you will win.... the symptoms are down for the count.
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  4. BigBlueWolf

    BigBlueWolf Peer Supporter

    This is a common experience in TMS. It's the brain fighting back against your rational understanding by increasing the amount of pain in order to convince you that it is a physical problem. Remember that Sarno tells us the brain has constructed TMS as an unconscious avoidance strategy. When confronted in many cases if the core emotional problem is being strongly challenged then the pain can increase in order to continue avoidance.

    My own first bout of TMS was resolved completely by reading, and in a period of days my pain went from worrisome to crazy town. Not only did my pain increase, it went into different parts of my body. For many people this is a very difficult transition because it's VERY compelling to believe you are getting worse, not better.

    When people experience this and recognize it for what it is, the increased pain will continue until the brain relinquishes or tries a different tactic. At that point the pain is usually called an "extinction burst".

    But it won't be an extinction burst if you give into it and believe you are getting worse. That allows the unconscious mind to "win". As strange as it may sound, when the pain increases like that via purely mental cues, it's a sign YOU have the upper hand. And as uncomfortable as it may feel, you have to ride through it rock-solid confidence that you are watching your brain throw a tantrum (or a series of them) until it gives up.
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  5. Sammie

    Sammie Peer Supporter

    Wow BigBlueWolf this sounds so encouraging! Thank you!

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