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Pain Has Moved

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jessicaLee, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. jessicaLee

    jessicaLee Peer Supporter

    Follow up to Day 11 - 21 day Program. ...I have been working on pain reprocessing and somatic tracking and I truly believe the sensations of my discomfort have moved from its usual place, shifting away and yes, thankfully, diminishing. It is still there but not in the same spot. Almost as if as I lean into it I am able to move it. As if I am am intimidating it and it is running away from me. Make sense?
  2. Sita

    Sita Well known member


    Totally! I understand perfectly because I experienced the same thing 2 days ago. My lower back pain shifted to higher back pain. Today is my 12 day - 21 Program. I really worked on the techniques these 12 days and ... yesterday evening I was pain free! Last time when I was pain free (for a couple of weeks) was in January this year, after I started to read again from Sarno's books. I'm still pain free now and I'm so happy, I can't express it in words. Yesterday after realizing that I'm OK, I did a 30 min. session of Pilates and felt so great. Today I went to the gym and lifted weights for another 30 min. Oh, I haven't been to the gym since January so it was really nice.

    One more thing that I did yesterday before I got well was: did 10 min yoga session (still having pain), then 20 min meditation and after that I had a small revelation so to speak. I was suddenly able to deeply forgive the people that hurt me in the past and then let go of my anger. After that, the pain was gone and I felt that the weight lifted from my heart, I felt light and serene. It's a great feeling to forgive and let go!

    In 2014, when I read Sarno's books the first time, I was pain free for 2 weeks but full of anger. I did'n know what to do with so much anger at that time and I was also experiencing guilt. Guilt that I felt anger toward certain people. The pain came back eventually because I could not cope with the new feelings (anger and guilt). This time is different, I got rid of the anger and I've been able to deeply forgive.

    You'll be OK Jessica, the fact that the pain moved is a great sign.
    So hang in there, you're on the right path!
  3. jessicaLee

    jessicaLee Peer Supporter

    Thank you. I have been having better days so I think the effort is starting to sink in.

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