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Pain every other day

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Heavenly, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. Heavenly

    Heavenly Peer Supporter


    I've been struggling with body pains for a little over a year but discover ing Dr Sarno in mid October has given me relief. I had gone through a few episodes of debilitating pain and being bedridden during weeks to being 80% functional or close to be in the same shape as prior to my injuries. The issue now is that the sharp pain in my hips and tailbone area and piriformis such as burning, pins and needles comes up every other day. I've been following this forum since November and completed the structure d program of journaling except for the last day of it. Journaling reopened the wounds of my abusive childhood but somewhat helped me learn the roots of my Tms. The forum thanks to the generous Tms veterans and heroes like @Baseball65 has mostly helped me. I recently read 'the body keeps the score' book and have practiced the tips offered to heal my childhood traumas. I know I have a pretty long recovery road since I was violently abused for over 10 years by my stepdad as a child til my teens and lost my elder sister who died because of the same trauma when she was 32. I'm lucky that I'm still alive and most importantly able to take care of my children who need me. In my treatment, I'm also working on lessening panic attacks and gaining self confidence by trying to only observe my pain and thoughts without judging and letting them dissipate like Eckert Tolle suggests. I saw many doctors who ruled out any structural problems based on my MRI s. PT and chiropractor visits only made my symptoms worse. Acupuncture helped a tiny bit since they told me STRESS was the main culprit but I stopped anyway after a month. Fast forward to today, I'm much better . I want to go back to weighlifting , mostly deadlifting, but the fact that my pain is on and off every other day gives me concerns and discourages me.

    Has anyone dealt with Pain every other day?
    Thanks for your input!!!
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  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Considering all the past traumas, you have made an amazing progress - congratulations! If I were you, I would not focus on the fact that you still have your glass half empty. Focus on the fact that it is half full. You have pain-free days 50% of the time, this alone is a huge achievement! Continue doing what you are doing , focus on your emotional issues, start exercising while gradually increasing the load, and give it more time and more patience. Some people heal in a few weeks, some need couple years. As long as you focus on your improvements and successes, you will eventually get to 100%.
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  3. Heavenly

    Heavenly Peer Supporter

    Thanks @TG957! I appreciate your advice and encouragement. It's heartwarming to know there are genuine good people who are not driven by their ego, money etc. Btw I got your ebook on Amazon last month and your story gave me hope that my so called fibromyalgia symptoms can leave me alone one day! I'm definitely making progress when I think about how I was in the most physical painful time in my life back in September2020 with a cervical radiculopathy, shoulder impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, rhomboid spasms, sciatica on one side first then both a month later...
    Today is one of these painful days but tomorrow will be better.
    It's been on and off every other day for about a month but I actually realize that this week, the sharp pain waited two days to manifest so yes it's a progress! Although on the days I have no sharp pain, I still feel a tickling sensation which does not bother me.
    As far as wanting to resume weight lifting, I m wondering if I should wait for longer gap between painful days and non painful days?
  4. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    @Heavenly , thank you for your kind words! Just the sheer number of your diagnoses points at TMS, and I am sure you will overcome it!

    As for exercising, it is a tricky decision to make. Some people just start doing it, like Steve Ozanich who started running and it worked out OK. Others suffer setbacks. My position is that each one of us has a doctor inside. We know ourselves better than anyone else, and we should be careful yet relentless in seeking more exercise. My path was push and pull. I tried to go back to yoga many times and pulled back because my wrists and hands did not cooperate and pain was unbearable. But each time I was determined to try again. It took me well over two years to regain full flexibility in my wrists, but I kept trying. Whichever way it end up going for you, be mindful of your limitations but keep trying!
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  5. Heavenly

    Heavenly Peer Supporter

    Thanks again for your advice!
    Do you think I can do some stretching? My pain management doctor pointed out I had tight QL and Piriformis and since my tailbone is aching and burning, he also suggested to use a donut to sit on during work. I'm an analyst so I spend about 6 hours sitting at a desk but get up every hour. I sit on a soft pillow but I still have pain every other day. My doctor applied dry needling but that didn't help. Since I have tms, even stretching may not help. I stopped PT because it made my symptoms worse. Or maybe doing the psychological work alone will release the tightness? I guess I'm confused...
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  6. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Tight muscles are likely result of TMS. However, stretching is always good. We are designed by Mother Nature for movement, and gentle exercise should not hurt. Since you have my book, reread the section on moving meditation, it might help you better understand the link between tight muscles and TMS
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