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Pain doesn't move

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Kristina1987, Apr 11, 2023.

  1. Kristina1987

    Kristina1987 New Member

    dear members

    Sorry if my english is not that good.
    but when I read tms I always stumble over the fact that the pain has to move. for me it has remained constant in some areas for months or years. But new ones have come along, such as pubic arthritis, both golfers and tennis elbows (I don't play either), many infections, etc., however, knees, back and middle finger and fears, for example, remain constant. so I don't know if that counts as a symptom imperative. something is always found structurally, of course. Instability of the symphysis, inflammation, etc. doesn't the movement of the symptoms speak less for Tms? i do my best here in germany without tms doctor. Working through the emotions but feel like my body is trying to wear me down. it's really hard. always something new and the old remains. my brain likes to think about it - all structural. I would be very happy about experiences.

    Best regards
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @Kristina1987 and welcome. And let me assure you, your English is just fine! It's certainly about a million times better than my German (of which I have zero, although my father's ancestors emigrated to the US in the late 1800s from Hamlin).

    Okay - the first thing I want to suggest is that you need to work on letting go of rigid thinking - what we in the US often call "black and white thinking". When we are dealing with the human brain and all of our emotions, there is only one true thing - which is that everyone's experience is unique and different.

    So yes, there are some things that in many (not all) people seem to be more common than others, but it is a fact that your TMS brain will create exactly what it needs to keep YOU in fear and doubt. In your case, it seems that it is important for you to be able to compare yourself to others. And guess what - your brain has created TMS symptoms that you can't compare to others! And so you remain fearful, and your TMS brain wins! It's also very common, in fact.

    Just checking: I assume that in this sentence, "fears" should perhaps be "feet"? I ask because "fears" is not a TMS symptom. Keeping you in fear is the goal of the TMS brain mechanism, so of course, "fears" are going to be constant. But maybe you meant feet!

    As for your structural diagnoses, here's the thing: we want to know that people have been checked out medically before they assume that something can be treated with TMS mindbody techniques. Doctors are happy to show you structural problems, but if they don't have a clear solution that is absolutely necessary and which will clearly fix the problem, then you can proceed to learn about TMS and develop skills and techniques to help yourself.

    We can give you recommendations about what to do next (for example we have two free programs and lots of other resources) but first can you tell us what have you read and studied so far? Because I do think you're probably in the right place!

  3. Kristina1987

    Kristina1987 New Member

    Many thanks for your kind reply.
    I wrote my story with this name a few months ago and got some feedback. also from you. then I got down to work and called in a new psychotherapy. i also spoke to nir brosh once but he told me that i have quite a bit of physical stuff. Due to the many tendinitis suspected something with rheumatism (tests were negative). or in the direction of Ehlers danlos. but everything is not proven. he also recommended maintaining medical treatments. However, they only provide temporary relief.

    I've had this problem since I was 12. and anxiety since the 6 about.
    the obsessions and testing of the symptoms is the worst.
    Above all, I tried to exercise more physically again and to train lightly. I got an inflammation from this because I supposedly have an unstable pubic bone (yes, it has been painful for years with some sports exercises). and it just won't heal. it is difficult to live independently if you can walk or turn in bed. when it comes to inflammation, opinions also differ. I have already completed the structured education program and do journaling.

    However, the point then came where many new symptoms came along with the old ones and kept me on my toes.... I'm at this point and the board is shaking.

    a heartfelt thank you

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