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Pain Cure Clinic - John Thornton

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Leonor007, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. Leonor007

    Leonor007 New Member

    I found this clinic online and spoke to John Thornton and I liked his approach. He, himself was sick and started dr. Sarno's approach but needed further help to recover. They do a two session info and if you need further help it's once a month. I already have done all the analysis I need from my past and I think this approach would be better for me but I would like to know if any of you used this clinic. Please let me know. This is their page:
    Thank you.
  2. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    I just looked at this, I'm curious as to what intrigued you about this approach? There are several red flags as to their level of experience, although I'm one who applauds everyone who wants to help people. I wish them and you the best, let us know how it goes.

    When you talk to them remind them that it's "points of palpation" not "palpitation."

  3. Leonor007

    Leonor007 New Member

    Hi Steve. I actually have a tms therapist from Allan Gordon clinic. She is very good, no complaints there, but I have been on this path, without help, for a long time. I read your book too. I also read "Unlearn your pain" and did the chapters and could not get rid of my pain. I have been able to stop most of my new symptoms but cannot get rid of my 20 years old muscle pain. I still work full, constantly try to start working out (I used and I still love it), but I badly want to get rid of my fatigue, my depression (not all the time) and have a better quality of life. I am kind of confused as to what approach to take now but think that my problem has more to do with conditioning, but I'm not sure. I am aware of how expensive health care is, traditional and non-traditional, but it is what it is and none is cheap, some just less. Like I said I spoke with him already and liked his approach and his price is not more than others, not cheap either, but I did want to know if any of the people in this group had used them. I'm still not sure, but I would want a fast approach because I do have a lot of knowledge already, but it does not mean that it would work, so maybe I am better off continuing what I started and just be more patient, ugh not easy.

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