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Pain at the same time daily

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by AkashVerma, Oct 30, 2022.

  1. AkashVerma

    AkashVerma New Member

    How to break conditioning when symptoms appear at the same time (12 Noon) everyday? I get foggy brain, headache and tiredness around 12 PM daily. I have been practicing TMS process for months and symptoms have decreased in intensity but it gets intense at 12 PM daily and continue till 4 PM sometimes.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    Patience and percerverance.
    My own symptoms increase at 4 pm. Perhaps explore why? I know the history of my own.. as a kid needing a brain break after school, as an adult my teaching day was usually done by 4.. or I wanted it to be. And I simply needed a break.
    Several practitioners of TMS wellness advocate for taking short breaks in the day to do “check ins” - to ask yourself “what am I feeling” and take a minute to drop your mind into your body to observe emotions and how they physically represent in the body - emotional tracking (just like somatic tracking but not with symptoms so much - you are simply practicing and acknowledging and accepting emotional state. You could also simply ignore the symptom of feeling drained at the time. Take time to disengage from work or routine for a few minutes. Practice being in the present moment and savor a moment to read, eat and concentrate on the food or an interaction with others. Go for a walk. During journal times explore this hurdle. Is this purely habit? Are you having certain thought cycles at this time of day? Are you engaged and liking your activity during this time? What do you do before and after these times that you may prefer, that engages you and keeps symptoms lower? Lastly, examine your self-pressure thoughts that may happen around this time.
    I know I begin to think about cooking, and not being in control of the time we eat or what we do as a family after dinner. It annoys me to be hanging on the whims and timing of others or not even feel considered in my loved one’s day. Before journalling I didn’t realize it. I just spent two days being royally annoyed and accepting it. Feels great!
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