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Day 3 Other pains

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Alice, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Alice

    Alice New Member

    My pain seems to be significantly better in my neck the last two days, but I've been noticing other discomforts. For example, my right wrist was hurting yesterday... I tried not to panic, but then it started hurting a little today and it was harder not to panic. And of course, my IBS is kicking in. Is this all part of TMS?

    In answer to today's SEP question, I've never been a very active person. My parents were both very athletic, but I never was, which always made me think I'd escape the back pain that both of them suffered from. Ha. The positive is that my neck pain hasn't kept me from the sports I love, considering I don't love any sports. The only thing I really enjoy is walking while listening to music, which I try to do. I try to get in my 10K steps per day with variable success.
  2. Jennifer_K

    Jennifer_K Peer Supporter

    Oh yeah, totally normal from my experience to have the pain migrate from one spot to another. It seems like once I lose the fear of the pain in one place, it packs its bags and moves to another. I just tell myself it's a good thing and the pain is "on the run" because my fear of it is less.
  3. Alice

    Alice New Member

    I think I read that could happen. Although today i'm having some neck pain again and the other pains are gone.

    I woke up at 6AM feeling super anxious and (I guess) angry over a few different things. While i lay there, my neck started to hurt. It was an obvious connection, but not so obvious how to get rid of the pain.

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