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ongoing knee pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by nickserpa1, Jun 14, 2015.


is this structural i thik it is tms some help plz

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  1. nickserpa1

    nickserpa1 Newcomer

    hello, my name is nick serpa im 29 years old. I used to suffer from bad lower back pain and upper back pain to the point I couldn't do anything active I read john e sarnos book and the pain vanished it was completely gone. I also have had around 10-11 knee dislocation but never really had pain in my knee for long it usually got better really fast but this time it was getting worse and worse I had knee surgery and they look inside with a scope and couldnt see nothing wrong but they tighten up my knee cap with a lateral release and medial plication procedure. I also havent been able to walk for 10 months now due to the pain in my knee I have lost most of the muscle in my left leg. Now the past few months I started noticing pain in my other knee aswell the right one it went away after a few months tho. What i wanted to ask you is on my MRI results it says i had mucoid degeneration with a small joint effusion and a distal anterior femur injury but it has been so long since my MRI like 3 months and also my left leg has been reddish purple when i stand up especially my foot it doesnt look that good of a coulour. What do you think i really think most of it is phychosomatic (tms) thx for ur time.:). the pain also feels like a tingly burning sensation my foot is a little numb most of the time when im relaxing and the pain is behind my knee cap most of the time.
  2. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Nick. I replied to your other post. It seems to me that your pain is TMS psychological and not structural, no matter what the MRI says.
    Dr. Sarno says any kind of muscle or other degeneration does not cause pain. It we feel pain, it is from TMS.
  3. nickserpa1

    nickserpa1 Newcomer

    thx my friend

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