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One more pain story

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Jankos, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. Jankos

    Jankos New Member

    Dear all,
    I would like to share my story with you so perhaps you could give me some hints re TMS treatment.
    My story starts 22 years ago (around age of 14) when back pain occurred for the first time. RTG showed two vertebras closer to each other, probably caused by mild scoliosis. Also one vertebra is slightly twisted. Pain reappeared 7 years later while training martial arts. Yoga training helped me to fix that (at least that's what I thought). Later I tried to learn ski board but after falling few times pain came back. Now fast forward to 5 years ago. I was pretty stretched due to yoga training. One day I woke up with excruciating lower back pain which stopped me even from putting my socks on. I could sit but getting to straight position after sitting took pretty long time. Orthopedist prescribed anti inflammatory pills along with muscle relaxing drugs(they said they saw nothing dramatic in new RTG picture). These were helping to some extend and mainly for period I was taking them. Physiotherapist helped me a lot (although not 100% recovery) and I returned to sport activity but skipped yoga and focused on martial arts again. After few months similar injury reoccurred but this time I knew what caused it (energetic twisting with punching). From that moment I have been struggling with moderate pain basically every day (sitting, driving, watching TV on sofa, exercising). I limited range of activities and movements. I changed mattress as expected bed to be part of the reason. Started to learn about back and visited few physiotherapists (+ dry needling) and chiropractors. I have set of stretches and auto massage tools. All helped but did not solve the issue permanently. In the meantime I tried psychotherapy as I was pretty sure I had personal issues and tried to work it out, I believe successfully.
    Five weeks ago I listened to Sarno's "Healing back pain" while going to visit my family. Interesting part is that my family noticed I was angry and a bit aggressive for no reason. I felt relief somehow and thought it was ok to feel it. For three weeks pain almost disappeared from my life. I have been bending in a way I probably shouldn't to check if there was a pain somewhere (there wasn't). I only had some really mild hip pain (one I knew from before) on the side where back was painful before. I must admit that I was having the book in my mind but I neglected Sarno's reminders. Few days ago back point (area of closer vertebras) started to hurt again and sometimes hip hurt along with it or alone. I had moments of doubts but now I believe I should return to reminders immediately. Do you think there is anything I should focus on in particular or take any actions like changing mattress to better one (as I need to find replacement anyway)? Maybe sticking to Sarno's treatment is totally enough? There is one area I am aware of in which stress is located: job/professional life which had never been fulfilling for me (for now I earn more than enough) and in the past caused a lot of stress (period in which the first strong back pain in the morning after waking up occurred ). Do you have any suggestion re what I could start doing, do more or better?
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  2. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    Follow the advice in HBP, do the Structured Education Program, check out Dr Hanscom on writing/journaling.
    Read ACE1s tips on this form, the complete post not the summarized one, and then practice them with discipline (like you would with martial arts).

    If you want a new mattress, go for it, but don't place any stock in it as a cure. The healing comes from you.
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  3. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    And, the most important thing of all... Believe 100% that your symptoms are driven by emotional and psychological factors (i.e., TMS). Do whatever you need to to strengthen this belief.

    As you have more successes, your belief in TMS will strengthen further, and you'll have more successes.

    Don't despair if you have setbacks. Setbacks are an opportunity for greater recovery - mental recovery. Hold your resolve that it's TMS and see it through.

    You will recover.
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  4. Jankos

    Jankos New Member

    Thank you very much for reply. For now I am diving into books and excercising ;) I will let myself leave a note here when I am fully recovered.
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  5. Jankos

    Jankos New Member

    Would you recommend some particular books? I was thinking of "Unlearn your pain" or "Back in control". I am afraid I can spend rest of my life on reading ... :)
  6. Jankos

    Jankos New Member

    I need to share with you one reflection I had yesterday.
    Surprisingly i had been pretty good for last weeks while proceeding with the program. Yesterday I went to Ikea. In few minutes I started to feel back discomfort moving towards pain. Obviously it impacted my mood but I switched to think about psychological cause rather than physical. I came back home exhausted (as usual after visiting shopping malls) physically but without pain. I am still not sure what caused my sensation but I expect my reluctance towards such overcrowded places. Interesting experience indeed.

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