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obsessed with relief by cracking my back and neck

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by determined07, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. determined07

    determined07 Newcomer

    Hi, i am new here and have had more relief when i am active. I am always so obsessed with trying to relieve my tension by cracking my neck and my ribs and shoulder blade. I feel like its all i want to do. Im completely obsessed with it. Its better when im working and doing a lot of deep breathing. When i stand without a task or sit i just wanna keep cracking the soreness. Its so frustrating because its only making it worse. Often my back cracks just from me taking a deep breath and thats actually where my pain began. I coughed so hard once that i had incredible pain and it hasnt gone away since. Clicking in and out of my ribs has been a complete obsession and then my neck started about a year ago when a doctor attributed my rib and shoulder blade pain to my neck. Im afraid to have my arm up because it hurts my neck and im afraid to put it down because it presses against my ribs. I have no peace when im not busy. So that brings me to another point, how can i get better from activity when it is resting that seems to preoccupy my mind the most?

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