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Observing my thoughts

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by heleng, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi everybody

    I only joined a couple of days ago and want to say a big thank you to everyone who has given me support and encouragement. I feel very relieved to have 'met' such lovely people.

    Today I have had a fair bit of pain and so instead of getting stressed out I stopped and observed what I was thinking about. Each bit of pain seemed to provoke a huge amount of thoughts that all led to the same place, fear of illness and fear of losing control and independence.

    I suddenly realised I think about my mother's death and her battle with cancer a lot. In fact I think I am looking for signs or expecting things to happen to me so I am on guard all the time. I felt very emotional about this and felt sad for how much pressure I put on myself and am not surprised I get aches and pains in my muscles as the thoughts make me tense up. This is the first time I have been properly aware of what I am doing and been able to catch my body reacting to the thoughts. It was very interesting and even though I am a bit achey today I felt stronger, just a bit, but definitely felt it

    I can also see how much work I am going to have to put into this to change this behaviour. Habits are not easy to change and change in itself can be scary.

    just thought I would share this with you

    many thanks

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  2. Boston Redsox

    Boston Redsox Well Known Member

    keep up the good work Helen you are on your way
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  3. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Thank, yes today really made me stop in my tracks and think. I reacted very differently to the pain and was able to step outside of it for a moment to reall
  4. Walt Oleksy

    Walt Oleksy Beloved Grand Eagle

    Heleng, you're making great progress in such a short time.
    Just keep doing what you have been doing and you will be a healthier, happier person than you ever imagined.
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  5. heleng

    heleng Peer Supporter

    Hi Walt

    Thanks for those words of encouragement!
  6. Nattycakes

    Nattycakes Peer Supporter

    My mother died when I was 19 and had TMS worse than anyone I have seen... I can relate to you SO much!

    It is interesting even the thought patterns that our parents teach us and the fear that is generated by death. We get into a chronic stressful way of thinking that 'something bad is going to happen'.. Not only that.. But then act and feel in our bodies as if it already has :)

    Release your anger and separation anxiety through therapy and books..

    Stay in the present and realize that no matter what you are going to be just fine :) I used to and sometimes still do as apart of my meditation say this to myself to train my subconcious.. I say over and over.. I AM safe. I am healthy. I am happy. Everything is working out for me.

    I like this analogy.. If you're a duck sitting in a pond.. Do you want to live your life terrified, and horrified emotionally that at any moment you are going to get shot?! Or... Would you rather live your life happily splashing in the water soaking up the sunlight and enjoying the moment?!

    Watching those thoughts and thought patterns you have is an amazing first step!!! Some people live their entire life on auto pilot not realizing that they have control over them! You totally got this and I bet will be pain free in no time!

    Just do the things you need to do to release those emotions. Accept the pain. Ignore it.. Then change your thinking patterns!

    Remember you may have a pain free day, and then a really bad day.. The trick is getting the emotions out and thinking psychologically.. Sooner rather than later.. The pain will go away entirely!

    It's a long road.. But cool to go through! And you will be ready for future events. You have your whole life ahead of you after you do this!

    I see people where I work who have been crippled their entire life by pain that I know is TMS.... This is a blessing that you get it!

    Keep it up!
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  7. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    Natty cakes natty cakes baker's man...you go girl. What a beautiful, insightful, and well written piece of advice you gave here. I couldn't have said it better yourself. Or you couldn't have said it better myself. Ducks sitting on a pond eh?

    I like when you wrote, "But cool to go through!"...ha, only someone that has been spit out of the whale can see the truth in that light. Good job. Especially when you said to accept the pain. Right! Don't treat it as an enemy to be destroyed. It is you.
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  8. Nattycakes

    Nattycakes Peer Supporter

    I learned from the best!! ;)
  9. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I think that was Good Jonah, Good Job was the prophet God inflicted with accute TMS (fibro?) to test him.:arghh:
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  10. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    I like that analogy too! That lucky duck must have lived in Central Park, attended Dr. Sarno's lectures and got the TMS KNOWLEDGE PENICILLIN.
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