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Numbness, tingling in hands. need reassurance its TMS!

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Mike Town, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Mike Town

    Mike Town New Member


    Little backstory:
    Ive dealt with TMS in the past, succesfully! My wrists were really painful, after 2,5 years of therapy, surgery on my left hand i still had pain. I was defeated but ready to accept that i would just continue to use my computer and eventually the pain went away all of a sudden (if only for 1 hour while gaming ). From that moment on im not afraid of pain anymore. After that it still came up now and then, but i didnt fear it and the pain didnt linger anymore! i was in heaven.

    fast forward 2 years. One year ago after not using the computer for 6 months i decided to use it again. My left thumb and 2 fingers started to tingle. I was really afraid now, because while pain wasnt scary anymore, i sure am scared of numbness and tingling ( afraid of damaged nerves) I also had surgery on this hand so the anxiety that that has got something to do with it is still there. I started to use only my right hand and then my pinkyside started to burn and feel warm.

    8 months ago i did a nerve test at a neurologist and everything was fine. 1 week ago i started playing with the idea that this might also be TMS! I decided to buy another book, " unlearn your pain" and start to read that.

    Ive also use my computer now as much as i want since 2 days. Since then the tingling and warm feelings are getting worse. But im saying to myself, the time the pain went away 1 year ago it also got alot worse before it was gone.

    On to my question to you

    How does it sound, that what once was pain is now tingling / numbness / burning in my hands?

    The fact that its getting worse while i use the computer also troubles me. I just cant stop stressing about this stuff! Also while both my hands are affected, the most tingling sensation is in the thumb fingertips area where i had surgery. ( although sometimes also have tingling in the righthand in my fingertips )

    Everytime im confident that its TMS, i kinda get dragged down when i feel these sensations, and i think it would be very positive if i could not focus so much on " improvement or failure" symptom wise.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated! :) ( if you know of any succes stories of similiar cases it would also be greatly appreciated )
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2019
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Mike,

    There are tons of success stories (in our SS Subforum) about hand/wrist symptoms that have resolved by doing the TMS work. You can do a keyword search to find lots of posts on the topic, and limit your search to titles only. You're reading Unlearn Your Pain, but are you doing the exercises as well? Our SEP follows a similar pattern (but uses online links and resources) and introduces you to different types of exercises. I guess my real questions is, have you, at any point, really committed yourself to the TMS diagnosis and to a regular practice with a goal of changing the way your brain reacts to symptoms?

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