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Numb penis after I threw out my back

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Future Canadian, Mar 17, 2023.

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  1. Future Canadian

    Future Canadian New Member

    Apologies for the explicit nature of this post.

    Last week I lifted a couch using poor form (bent over, lifted with my back) and felt a huge pop/crunch in my lower back. It was sore and stiff immediately after. I didn’t think much of it initially, figuring I would just be sore for some time and eventually get better. I’ve learned through past experience with TMS that’s the best way to deal with back issues. However, a few hours later I discovered while going to the bathroom that my penis felt somewhat numb.

    Was told by a nurse over the phone that I should go to the ER. MRI showed slight herniated disc at L5/S1, with the disc touching but not compressing the nerve. They could not determine if this was the cause of my symptoms and discharged me with a referral to get a pelvic neurogram next week to look at the nerves in the pelvis.

    List of my symptoms:
    -Almost total numbness on the underside and sides of my shaft, parts of the perianal area, and parts of scrotum. The numbness does not come and go, it is constant. Have some feeling on the dorsal side of my shaft.
    -occasional pain in these areas
    -burning feeling in shaft
    -occasional pins and needles and pain in feet, especially the right side.
    -difficulty achieving an erection

    I doubt this is TMS but I hope to god that it is. I’m a man in his late twenties, kind of a critical dating period, and this could have a very significant impact on the trajectory of my life.

    I have had TMS issues in the past that I’ve treated successfully, and am usually very able to distinguish between what is and is not TMS. What makes me doubtful here is that the numbness is constant, totally unchanging. I had an entrapped nerve in my elbow that caused constant numbness in my hand. Tried TMS approach and it didn’t work. Surgery worked and I got feeling back 100%. That’s a common surgery with a high success rate. Unfortunately the surgery for pudendal nerve entrapment (what I may have) is rare and has a low success rate.

    If anyone has specific experience or knowledge around pudendal neuralgia or experience with TMS and male genitalia I would be very grateful. Also, I am curious whether anyone has cured constant numbness of any part of their body through TMS. I don’t think that’s a common manifestation of TMS.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    This is a duplicate thread - see the same post in the General forum, which has received a response. Locking this one so we don't end up with a possibly split and/or confusing discussion!
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