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not sure where to turn, I have underlying probs but still think I have TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Verona, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Verona

    Verona Newcomer

    Hi, this is my first post, I've been reading through some of the threads and resources as well as books and vids and anything else I can find on TMS. I relate a lot.

    I was diagnosed w breast cancer last year which I'm treating holistically. It's an external wound, so it's sort of volatile, but I'm working on it with the help of some holistic doctors. Here's where I get confused, since now I have an 'underlying issue'.

    3 months ago I had what seemed like a repetitive body injury when I was repeatedly straining to close and lock a sliding glass door, using my entire weight and twisting to the right.

    The resulting pain from that came on sort of gradually. It began in my head / neck (I already had neck pain from an older mattress) and then increasingly, over the following weeks I developed more pain in my shoulders, shoulder blades, upper / lower back, neck, chest, ribs, etc. I ignored it at first, but I couldn't lay on the floor or the bed without extreme lat pain on either side of my spine. It was like someone was punching me in the kidney but on both sides, anytime I laid down on any kind of surface or bed.

    It finally got so bad I saw a chiropractor a few times, which helped some of the pain - the neck and some back pain was remedied but I still felt all twisted up in my chest and the lats, which really hurt. My back had started spasming badly in the middle of the night for hours, and then consequently in the following days, my muscles would be so sore from the over exertion that the surrounding muscles would have to be used. They weren't too strong to begin with, so it set off a chain reaction where they would burn and hurt. I haven't been able to hold myself up well for 2 months now, and the pain is constant. (Stress added on top of that I'm certain has made it worse!)

    I had to stop seeing the Chiro because the spasms were so bad, I couldn't have him adjusting me and nothing on the lower back would ever feel better (or 'crack') when he adjusted me. When I got off his table, my lats were so tight and painful I'd be doubled over and grasping for air for a few minutes. My lungs were fine, it's just the back contractions would cause this, which freaked me out pretty bad.

    Now weeks later, the pain still shifts, mostly in my lats / back and still sometimes I spasm hard to where I can't release. My chest is gradually getting better, and so is my back, but it's still really hard to hold myself up without pain while standing. Every day tasks are virtually impossible, and when I walk, I'm so tight and locked up that the pain in my sides is incredible. It's been like this for months now and I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I don't know what's real injury and what's not.

    I started going to the pool where I live, and found that I could move pretty freely in the water. However, getting out each time, I feel like I weigh a ton and my upper torso exhausts me from trying to hold it up.

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, I saw my Primary Physician who ordered a chest xray and blood work due to the constant pain. It came back that I have a vertical fracture on the T9, and the blood tests showed severe anemia, which could also explain the chest pain and getting winded so quickly. The lungs were clear.

    But I have never fallen nor had any serious injuries that would cause a fracture, and after suggesting that 'maybe I forgot', the doctor said it was possible the the cancer spread to the bones, hence the fracture.

    He recommended I go to a specialist who can inject the area with cement, because the height isn't there, and needs to be built back up, since it's now so narrow / or deteriorated. He also suggested going to the ER immediately, because he felt I needed a blood transfusion due to dangerous anemia levels.

    Last night I went to the ER per his suggestion but their tests showed I wasn't in the 'severe' anemia range anymore and sent me home hours later.

    Re: the fracture, immediately I thought of all of the diagnoses that people have gotten off their Xrays, and despite having cancer, I just don't get this. I suppose I need to do even more tests to see if it has spread, although I'm so confused and upset I don't know what to do next. Are vertical fractures as common as slipped discs, bulging discs, narrowing of the spine, etc etc?

    If anyone has any experience or suggestions, please let me know.

    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. ssxl4000

    ssxl4000 Well known member

    Hi Verona, the only personal experience I can add is that my mom had liver cancer spread to her bones. It created a hole in her femur that caused great leg pain. In your case, I would say that TMS could certainly be increasing some of your pains, but active cancer or a non-healed fracture are certainly "structural" causes that must be addressed. Once a fracture is healed, it should not continue to cause pain months or years later. A big part of TMS is addressing any structural problems, that's where the doctors generally are much more helpful. If you can get those fixed, then it is easier to identify TMS symptoms. I think TMS treatment can still be helpful in combination with traditional treatments from the doctors for a case like yours. Good luck!
  3. Verona

    Verona Newcomer

    Many thanks for this ssxl4000 - I am meeting w a spine surgeon today so I'm hoping to remedy the actual problem asap.
  4. ssxl4000

    ssxl4000 Well known member

    I hope it goes well, good luck!

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