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Not sure it's TMS-

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Zebra, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Zebra

    Zebra Newcomer

    I was disgnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis with L5 and S1 radiculitis; facet arthropathy in 2011 after some excrutiating pain in my right knee after doing Hot Yoga. This changed to lumbar pain and sciatica. I have been the route of Physiatrists, Acupunctute, Physical Therapy, Massages, Epidurals.
    I just found out about Dr. Sarno last week, as well as these ages. What a wealth of information !

    All TMS personality types point to me. After reading Healing Back Pain, it makes so much sense to me, but my pain has gotten worse .

    I just moved to Florida from New York and the one Florida Dr. in the provider list does not take new patients.

    I have had a serious of intense stress for the last few years, which I feel contribute, at least, to the pain I feel 24/7. It has gotten to the point that I dont want to go out because of the pain I know I will feel. I am, or was, an extremely active, high fuctioning 72 year old women, who just doesnt want to live this way.

    I read that with spinal stenosis, Dr. Sarno suggests a visit to a Neurologist to make sure there is no nerve involvment. Any referrals here or other suggestions are appreciated. If necessary I will travel to a Dr. if I can work out the logisitics. I think I need to confirm that TMS is the cause of my pain.

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