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not migrating pains?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jsabina, May 9, 2018.

  1. jsabina

    jsabina New Member

    Hi everyone,
    first of all I am sorry if I am posting without having done the required readings.
    I have two of Sarno books, but I am in a psychological state which doesn't let me focus much, unfortunately.
    My mind is racing with a lot of questions though and constantly trying to find a solution, which I know it's not the best reaction.

    Anyway, one of the questions.

    If the pains are not migrating, can they still be TMS?

    I read that many people experienced pain in one place, but I am not sure.
    Because I also read in the books or the wiki, that TMS pain tends to migrate.

    My current main symptoms are:

    1. Pain in the left bicep, started in mid january as bad, got bit better now. Not really causing major problems if not my worry. Had a cervical MRI which showed a mild protusion compatible with the location of the pain.
    Had some massage which did nothing. Neurologist saw me, bicep is smaller than the right but might be because is the non-dominant arm, reflexes and such were normal so he didn't think of a radicular involvement.

    2. The worse at the moment is the right gluteus. I have this pain for two months now, started as a sort of contracture, incredibly painful in each position, walking, sitting lying down etc. Not responding to medication (like ibuprofene, voltaren, paracetamol+codeine). It got better but I am still in pain / discomfort. Especially sitting, I feel like sitting on the right butt only (not true, but for sure my posture is bad).
    Physio and doctors say it will go away.

    And then some other smaller pains, like left foot plantar fasciitis and right elbow sometimes acting up.

    All of this came up during a bad "anxiety-depression" crisis (not diagnosed by the psychiatrist, but symptoms are there) and especially by my big fear of a neurological condition.

    I am 100% sure that my anxiety plays a big role in keeping the symptoms going or making them worse.

    But I am wondering if non-migrating pains can still be TMS.

    Thanks a lot
  2. KevinB

    KevinB Well known member


    Welcome to the community! So the short answer is no, TMS pain does not have to move around. Many people, myself included, have a “go-to TMS spot”. Mine is low back, buttocks, and legs.

    But I also would point out that it seems you DO have some migrating pain. You mention your arm, but then your butt, your foot, and your elbow.... sometimes we can have simultaneous pain in many locations at the same time, but often there is one “prime” one that keeps us focused. For example, you’re worried about your biceps, but then you get cleared by doctors so you start to feel better. But then your attention moves (migrates) to your right glute. Then that improves, only to have you obsess on your foot or elbow. You see the pattern? That is precisely what TMS does. And this can happen on a daily basis, or over weeks. You may find one day you’re really focused on one body part, the next day a different one. Hell, I’ve even had my attention switch throughout the same day!

    Anyway, the best thing you could do is read the books you have. Try to just find a relaxing position, maybe laying down, and read the books. Dr. Sarno explains the process very thoroughly. Also really try to stay away from Dr Google, looking for answers and whatnot, that stuff really magnified the anxiety and the pain symptoms.

    After you’ve read the books, you might consider doing the Structured Eductional Program here on the TMSWiki. It’s free and very helpful.

    Good luck!
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  3. MAE

    MAE New Member

    I think that fear overcomes you and you need to overcome it. Thinking about non-migratory pain as not TMS seems another strategy of your fear for you to remain in it. If you have done medical tests that have ruled out serious diseases, don't panic. The key, in my opinion, is that you have gone through an anxiety crisis. Your symptoms could remain because of this and they could have been amplified by psychological factors. Detect the fear and how it tries to create thoughts to have you trapped and tell it that it will not be able to overcome you, because you know that you're well and that everything will be fine. It would be useful for you to write down the list of evidences by which your symptoms fit with TMS.
    (sorry about my bad english)
  4. jsabina

    jsabina New Member

    Thanks a lot for your answers.
    It is true that in a way they are migrating

    The plantar fasciitis comes and go, the bicep pain was very strong and now is less (I am also less obsessed), while the glute pain is there for two months and not going away.. yet!!
    But plantar fasciitis and bicep come back, they didn't disappear... today I have the three of them!!!

    Regarding anxiety yup and yes and dr. google as well. I spend most of my day obsessing over my symptoms :( especially since I can't do sport now as it seems aggravating my symptoms :(
    I started walking more (and hope the plantar fasciitis will let me do that!!!).

    Regarding medical tests... the problem is that I don't know how much is enough.
    I did have different dr. visits, not really checking me much but focusing on my anxiety really.

    But neurologist test yes, MRI only the neck.
    I didn't have x-ray, MRI, scans or anything for this glute pain.
    The dr. says is not necessary and in a way I am happy about it.
    But I will always have the doubt that I didn't have enough tests :/

    Thanks anyway for your answers! I hope to read more!
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  5. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Constant pain is TMS too! Look for evidence to support your TMS diagnosis, and don't be put off your case does not match others'.
    Andy B
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  6. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Migrating pain is usually a sign of the Symptom Imperative which is typically an indication that you have TMS (literally) on the run. It's a powerful demonstration that there is nothing wrong with the body part in question but rather that the old primitive brain is stuck in fight-flight-freeze mode. Most people tend to have pain reliably in the same areas before the symptom imperative kicks in.

    At the moment you are mired in the physical and therefore focusing too much on the pain and what it may mean. This is nothing more than a phase of healing. Your racing mind is a part of this too. You may be best served by finding ways of calming yourself down such as spending time in Nature. Learning to soothe yourself is an integral part of recovery.

    Plum x
  7. jsabina

    jsabina New Member

    Where do I find the Symptom Imperative concept?
    I am reading now the divided mind, but still early chapters.

    I must admit that my pains are not completely consistent, but using some tecniques make me think something structural is there.
    Maybe nothing major, just inflamation.

    For my buttock pain sitting, I made some "boards" so I put the pressure not on the right bone.
    I was super happy for three days because it worked!
    (and it's not placebo because I tried two different cushions with crazy high reviews on internet and they didn't work at all even if I tried to convince myself they did).

    I was also standing more and including some arms and legs exercises.

    My ankle pain at rest came back.
    Tried to ignore it, but persists at rest which is highly annoying.
    Yesterday I did some squats, stretching and arm stuff, since then I have a crazy pain in the attachment between hamstring and gluts on the same leg :( same of the ankle.

    Monday I went to the physio (but I am stopping that), he did a massage on my neck (not the first time).
    The morning after I couldn't move my neck :( pain and stiff. Still persisting today.

    Am I really unlucky?
    It is since january that everything I try creates new pain or aggravate the existing.

    I reckon great part of it might be TMS - a lot of tension, suffering and wrong postures.

    I can't still shake completely the idea that there is something wrong (structural, neurological, rhemautological no idea).

    But I will keep reading and keep hoping and fighting!

  8. jsabina

    jsabina New Member

    Still the same with the new pain but this seems more an acute injury because of a wrong exercise and I am all tense and stiff.

    I reckon that as many say, in the last few months I kept going from problem to problem.
    First the arm, then foot joined, then buttoxk, then sore throat tooth extraction now high hamstring buttock.

    New symptoms are not always replacing the old ones but there is always one stronger.
    Some of them are quite consistent in location they could be connected.

    But tms makes a lot of sense.
    Me being stiff and my brain not giving oxygen or providing wrong stimuli.

    I keep reading the mindvody prescription slowly (mentioned the other wrongly yesterday).
    I would like to start journaling but don't know how.
    Maybe the wiki will have answers!

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