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Not journaling day7

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by painless, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. painless

    painless New Member

    I'm at day 7 but am not journaling. I have been in psychotherapy for so many years that I am really highly attuned to what my unconscious issues are. Having said that, I feel guilty not journaling. Would like others options on this, particularly any therapists out there.
  2. painless

    painless New Member

    Meant to say opinions this
  3. hecate105

    hecate105 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I've had years of therapy and thought I knew what my 'problems' were. But 22 years of chronic pain (so-called fibromyalgia) led me to Sarno's book and then to this site. The journaling (which I REALLY didn't want to do) has been amazingly helpful. I start writing about something and I 'think' I know where its heading. But suddenly my writing/emotions/subconscious zooms off and several pages later I realise that what I thought was the problem in a situation - wasn't - it was something else totally. Hidden from me - by my unconscious! It has been invaluable. I found writing with my right hand (I'm a lefty) was very powerful - I felt like a tiny child learning to write again.
    Also the meditation and mindfulness. I have meditated, alone and in groups for many years - but the TMS/ Freedom from Fibromyalgia meditations have been SO much more use to me. I now use mindfulness - and body awareness several times a day - and every night to go to sleep - without anxiety, without palpitations, without insomnia.
    It is brilliant. So I would say - DO the journaling - see what happens, give it the full 42 days of the programme - and then look back and see if you think it has helped.
    Either way - don't feel 'guilty' - it is up to you - you get out when you put in....
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