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North Star, Eric, Forest, Bruce...

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by G.R., Mar 12, 2014.

  1. G.R.

    G.R. Well known member

    I been wanting to write this all day. This is the first opportunity I got. Last night the conference call was
    just so inspiring and helpful. It was so wonderful to get my questions answered. There was so
    much love and warmth coming from everyone, it was surely healing to me.

    After I got off the call, all my muscles in my neck were completely loose and not tightness in my buttock.
    I was so amazed because I got on the phone with a lot of muscle tightness. I was amazed I was so relaxed. I am sure it was all the love I received from all of you. It really convinced me once again all these symptoms are just TMS. Does anyone have any ideas why my muscles would get so relaxed after a call?

    Was anyone else on the call? I would really encourage everyone to participate in these calls, it was
    very beneficial to me.

    Thank you my dear friends. I know I can always count on all of you. You are all so loved by me!!!!!
  2. LindaRK

    LindaRK Well known member

    Well, I wasn't on the call, but hearing this makes me wish I was!!! What did I miss!!!!!????? Glad to hear it was a positive outcome for you!
  3. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Awesome, Thank you GR you are the best and you always have the questions we really have to think hard about. I love that. I would assume you got some repression out over the call just by talking about your life in general and your stressors. That is like releasing an emotion through journaling when you can talk and process it ya know. I am humbled. I will let the others know.

    God Bless you G.R.
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  4. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Awww, GR, thanks so much for sharing! I'm really glad to hear it helped. It can be a real journey.

    @LindaRK, G.R. called in to our weekly Tuesday night discussion group and asked for feedback. Anyone can do it and we are always happy to share support. You should call in some time... if you want feedback, you can let Herbie know at the start and he'll make time at the end. If you just want to listen, that's great, too.
  5. BruceMC

    BruceMC Beloved Grand Eagle

    G.R., good that your call in had such a beneficial effect. I've always noticed that for several hours after a Fuze meeting I feel so enthused that my TMS symptoms disappear or fade markedly. I think it's a sense of collective atonement that distracts me from obsessing about myself and my own symptoms. Glad it worked for you too!
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  6. North Star

    North Star Beloved Grand Eagle

    Aw, GR, what a sweetie you are. It was such a delight to hear your voice. I think connection brings with others brings healing…that's my theory. :) And you, my friend, are very easy to connect with. Your transparency and willingness to share and ask great questions all contribute to that.

    To anyone thinking about the call…TRY IT! Tuesday nights are something I look forward to. I can't make all the calls due to kid schedule but every time I do, I hang up smiling…and like others, TMS symptoms seems to fade. And if you're nervous about talking - fear not. You can mute yourself and just listen. (Another feature I use if I get interrupted or need to rattle some papers or something. ;) )

    Forest, Herbie and Bruce do a FABULOUS job running the call and keeping it focused but yet spontaneous enough that some really good mojo can happen. (That is no small thing!) And yes, the best thing…you really can feel the love and caring for one another.

    Thanks for starting this great thread, G.R….sending you love and warm fuzzy thoughts.
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