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NLP - Any experience with it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by AC45, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. AC45

    AC45 Well known member

    Hi TMS community,

    Do any of you have experience with Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP)? Any experience you may have would be appreciated.

  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, AC45. Here is some information about NLP, especially for those unfamiliar with it.
    From Dr. Matt of the Empowerment Partnership.

    NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind.

    Let’s make this simpler with an example.

    Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language, and they couldn’t understand you? The classic example of this is when someone goes out to a restaurant in a Foreign country and they think they ordered steak, but when the food shows up, it turns out they actually asked for liver stew.

    This is the kind of relationship that most of us have with our own unconscious mind. We might think we are “ordering up” more money, a happy, healthy relationship, peace with our family members, and being able to stick to a healthy diet…but unless that’s what showing up, then something is probably getting lost in translation.

    In NLP, we have a saying: the conscious mind is the goal setter, and the unconscious mind is the goal getter. Your unconscious mind is not out to get you–rather, it’s out TO GET FOR YOU whatever you want in life. However, if you don’t know how to communicate what you want properly, it will keep bringing steaming bowls of liver stew out of the kitchen.

    In fact, go ahead right now and think of, if there was one thing you could change, one habit you could break, what would it be?

    • Would you remain calm during work presentations?
    • Quit procrastinating and spending so much time Facebook?
    • Not devour a whole bag of potato chips or tub of ice cream in one sitting?
    Whatever it is, realize that your unconscious mind only does that because it thinks that’s what you want. (“Sir, here is your procrastination along with a side of anxiety. I’ve also told the valet to bring up your emotional baggage as per your request. Will you be needing anything else?”)

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like a user’s manual for the brain, and taking an NLP training is like learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind so that the ever-so-helpful “server” that is your unconscious will finally understand what you actually want out of life.

    NLP is the study of excellent communication–both with yourself, and with others. It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who got results with their clients. NLP is a set of tools and techniques, but it is so much more than that. It is an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve your goals and get results.

    Here at NLP.com, presented by The Empowerment Partnership, our mission, put simply is to empower the planet. How does teaching NLP help us do that? Because after being in business for 30 years, we’ve have spent that time gathering all of the best concepts and techniques to help you get in control of your mind, your emotional state, and your life.
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  3. AC45

    AC45 Well known member

    Thank you Walt! I was wondering if anyone on the forum had experience with it. You are very kind to post this!
  4. hodini

    hodini Peer Supporter

    Hi, AC, I am quite familiar with NLP. Like many other modalities it can be abused in the wrong hands. It is a powerful technique. To see someone who demonstrates, exposes and to a certain extent explains it in terms of undue influence upon unsuspecting souls, google Derren Brown some of his better titles with explanations are "bmx bike", "paying with paper", one wth an ad agency and a classic which is longer "the heist"
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  5. hodini

    hodini Peer Supporter

    just to be clear, powerful technique when it is "believed" in otherwise it is really just another form of suggestion.
  6. AC45

    AC45 Well known member

    Thank you so very much for your feedback on this!!

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