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Newly diagnosed TMS - HELP

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by claudM17, Jul 18, 2022.

  1. claudM17

    claudM17 Newcomer

    Hi I’m Claudia I am 31 years old…I have been suffering with chronic lumbar/sacral back pain for nearly 2 years now, 9 months in to these 2 years the pain started in my right knee then more recently my left shoulder and now my left knee also. I have seen every doctor/surgeon/consult/physio/acupuncturist/chiropractor/osteopath/neurological consultants I can physically get in front of…all of whom can’t find anything wrong with me or give me any sort of advice as to how to heal, no consultant understands why I have this pain as structurally there’s nothing wrong and after 4 MRI’s of my entire spine, just lumbar spine and 2 MRI of my pelvis, several blood tests, EMG test, MRI scan of my brain, over the years still nothing shows, no disc herniation no inflammation of any sort (same with my knees), each time I see someone I am left so deflated because I know there is something wrong, I am loving in constant pain. I have spent £1000’s seeing different people, buying medication, trying new gadgets

    My whole life has been turned upside down, I used to be so active, gym 6 times a week, long walks/hikes at the weekend with my partner and our dog - non of which i can do now and that was such a huge part of mine and our lives. It’s affecting our relationship so much. I had to give up work last summer for 4 months due to the pain and I haven’t been able to work again for the past 7 weeks. I’ve not been able to drive since last November - I feel I am a prisoner in my son home! I am living on pain killers knowing these do nothing but they give me some sort of placebo affect for a short while.

    Then last week I can across a pod cast that spoke of John E Sarno and I immediately brought his book and I finished it in the day! I read myself on every single page, I found myself getting so emotional reading it as I truly believe that this diagnosis is what I have! But I now need help/the tools to understand how to retrain my brain and get in to my subsoncsios mind to understand/access and deal with my repressed emotions/anxiety/anger I know I have them all - I feel it.

    Can anyone help me? I am so lost and felt so alone for so long that I would have to live like this forever…can anyone recommend anyone they’ve seen in the UK who specialises in TMS treatment - I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK!
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi @claudM17
    There is plenty help for you in the UK.
    You have been in pain a long time, but you can get better, it might take dome time but know it can get better.
    Since you see yourself on every page of Sarno’s book, you are already on your way to understanding how your inner life is effecting your body.
    I suggest you read through this website a bit, starting on the very first page. You will find links to both success stories and two free programs to help you by daily reflection and understanding the science if pain. If you’d like to start healing now, choose a program snd do a little bit each day. Go slow but steady, just an hour a day at most doing this work.
    The UK has SIRPA, an organization that connects tms trained professionals and clients. Find it here: https://www.sirpa.org/

    You are not alone, you don’t have to be in pain forever.
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  3. claudM17

    claudM17 Newcomer

    Thank you so much for your reply! I am started reading though some part but found it a little overwhelming because I finally feel I’ve found the answer I’ve been looking for. I will keep reading though today. I want to start healing, I want to be pain free more than anything…I just want me life back!

    I presume I choose which programme feels like the right fit for me personally and then take it from there?

    Thank you so much again for taking the time to reply. Very kind!

    Best wishes

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