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Newbie m.e / CFS aka TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Emmarose48, Aug 15, 2021.

  1. Emmarose48

    Emmarose48 Newcomer

    Hi there ...
    I came across TMS and the work of John Sarno and totally feel this is me .
    I was 'diagnosed' with m.e / CFS and fibro 2+ yrs ago ..
    I left my nursing career 3yrs ago due to cptsd and went into therapy . I made big progress and then just as I felt stable and well the physical took over .
    I've been pretty house bound since Nov 20.
    How many here have 'CFS' symptoms ?
    Be great to hear from others and how their recovery is going .
    Also any tips on using the forum ..
  2. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It is very well established that CFS is TMS. Many people here had it, both as official diagnosis and undiagnosed condition, me included. A lot of us fully recovered. You are in a great place to deal with TMS, there are many good people here, willing to help.

    To use this forum effectively, explore Success Stories subforum, use search function extensively, post your questions, talk to people.
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  3. Jane G

    Jane G New Member

    @Emmarose48 I have been doing the structured education program and also listening to Nicole Sachs podcast. There is so much out there and so many "programs to follow/purchase. The free program on this site is very straightforward. the only problem is my discipline. Good luck! J.
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  4. Emmarose48

    Emmarose48 Newcomer

    Thanks grand eagle for your help ..
    I've just had a great month best in a yr !
    So v hopeful ..
    However day 5 of full on symptoms and now on bed rest ..
    I'm a bit confused between not buying into symptoms and over doing ?
    If CFS type symptoms are suppressed emotion and lack of oxygen why has doing more physically caused a down spire ..
    I've been doing extensive breath work, energy work and processing emotion ...repressed anger ...
    Maybe I'm expecting too much too soon ?
  5. Emmarose48

    Emmarose48 Newcomer

    Hi Jane
    Ah yes I hear u the daily discipline ....
    I got to about day 8 I think need to pick up again

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