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New, with fear and with hope

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Yulia1975, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Yulia1975

    Yulia1975 Peer Supporter

    Hello everyone,

    First of all I want to wish everyone to win this fight, life shouldn't be a struggle, we should and entitled to enjoy every single moment we have on this planet, life is too short!

    I lost my health 8 years ago. It's all started with hot and cold flashes, dizziness, and sensation that I am loosing my mind. Transformed to huge shoulder/neck/jaw tension and clicking, and I am still there.
    I have experienced a million different symptoms in these areas: numbness, tingling, burning, tension, spasm, my body was numbed for a while, red eyes, jaw clicking, need to click my shoulders, sand sound in my ears, metal feeling in my mouth, burning throat sensation or feeling that something stack there, blurry vision, fatigue....etc
    I tried all possible treatments you name: chiro, osteo, massage, acupuncture. hypnosis, physio, psychology , it all gave me just a very very short relieve...
    I lost my Mom, my dear best friend in 2004, and didn't accept her death and suffer, I was crying day and nights until my health deteriorated. Since childhood I am extremely scared of death or even thought about it. Bad news in my family and friends, I always take personal.. So i think I am perfect candidate for TMS.
    17 month ago I was blessed and I gave a birth to a beautiful daughter. My heart is full of love and happiness. But one year ago my symptoms returned more furious and more intensity than usual.
    I am scared, because I want to be able to care, smile and play with my daughter, love my bf, enjoy my work and life in general.
    On a good note, I finished Dr Sarno book, started journaling 2 days ago, talk/scream to my subconscious, reading success stories (noone had my symptoms though)....
    I can not talk to anyone what I am going through:( And I was never good at succeeding by myself, always needed a partner, group, class, but we have nothing in Toronto related to TMS.

    I hope very soon we all be the winners!!!
    Thank you for listening!

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  2. Simplicity

    Simplicity Guest

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