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New type of pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Nana, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. Nana

    Nana Peer Supporter

    Just wanted to ask for help regarding this bowel issue that I am going through. As I explained in my other threads , I had my gallbladder removed 5 months ago because of nausea I felt and bc they found tiny stones. After surgery I started feeling bloated and constipated . Approximately 1 month ago the bloating started to decrease somewhat . I thought the improvement was because I increased vitamin D supplement, and because of hypnosis and journaling and following curable app and meditating . However, now I started getting severe abdominal cramps every 2 days a few hours after I have a bowel movement. The abdominal cramps are horrendous!!! I have seen a gastro and he has done alllllllll testing and everything came back negative ( colonoscopy, full blood test, ultrasound, even saw gynecologis, all fine). In fact the gastro told me I am a healthy woman . He says I probably have an unregulated colon . It hurts soooooooo much !!! It feels like a gastroenteritis in the colon with horrible spasms. No one knows how to help me . I am sooooooo sad. How can I continue my every day life feeling this pain. Today I tried to crochet but I was cramping sooooo badly that I could not sit still with the pain ( it felt like I was going through labor) . How do I go on with my life and ignore the pain? I tried diets , long walks.
    Could this be my symptoms moving around? First before gallbladder surgery I had nausea. I had surgery and I developed bloating and constipation. I followed for 1 month the Tms wiki sep program , I did gut hypnosis, stared jogging and slowly my bloating started to decrease but now I am feeling huge cramping pain in the colon !!!!! What is going on??? How do I live my normal life when I get this horrible abdominal cramps?? When I get the severe cramping , how do I manage what I am doing in the moment like crochet or house work? It is soooooo difficult to ignore this awful pain ....... I need advise support

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