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New to TMS, some success but is this all TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by rj81, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. rj81

    rj81 Newcomer

    Good day

    My journey began about 8 years ago after an operation. I got an infection which no one recognized and no one treated and so I lost confidence in doctors. Eventually I got the right medication and everything was fine.

    Some time later I got pain in my pelvis and lower back. After years of going to doctors, getting physical therapy and literally eating ibuprofen I developed a frozen shoulder. At that time I didn’t know anything about TMS so I decided to get a shoulder operation, but this did not help at all (I couldn’t move my arm an inch) so I got fascia therapy which actually helped, but even 4 years later I don’t have the full range of movement in my arm.

    Fast forward to today.
    For two years now I have pain in my upper back, especially in my neck and after a hospitalization last year , because of suspected stroke which luckily wasn’t one, I got tingling and numbness in my arms and shoulders. The tingling moves from arm to arm. A couple of days it’s in my right arm, moves to the left side for a day and suddenly it’s in both arm. If I am lucky it goes away for some days, but eventually returns. And all the time I have had pain in my neck area.
    I got diagnosed with asthma last years because I get from time to time a feeling of not being able to breath, but it feels more like the whole rib cage is tight and I usually get a pain in my third rib (either right or left, but more right). I have an emergency spray but it doesn’t work at all.

    I got TMJ symptoms in my face as well (especially tight muscles, pain behind the eyes, not being able to see correctly - I have glasses since last year and a pressure around the nose), plus from time to time I get dizzy like there is not enough air in my head. At that point I have to lay down and do some breathing meditation. Sometimes this feeling lasts for hours, sometimes it goes away in minutes.

    I started reading about TMS just a week ago and have the feeling that my neck and shoulder pain got much better. But what sticks is the tingling and discomfort in my hands (like part of my hands are like plastic).

    To my surprise the dizziness, the feeling of not enough air in my head plus a horrible tiredness have increased during the last week.
    Is this normal? Is it normal that the symptoms could increase in one part while the other is getting better?

    Are dizziness, tiredness and maybe some kind of hyperventilation TMS symptoms? I guess I am hyperventilating (maybe even chronic). I feel a bit like this cannot be. My doctors say this is stress induced.

    On the other hand my lung is fine, the heart ecg is normal, all internal organs are normal, my blood test is normal, all blood vessels are normal (especially the ones going to my head), a brain mri is normal, my heart was echoed and everything is fine. There are two small disc protrusions in my neck though, but they don’t touch a nerve and would be in an area where they couldn’t make my fingers tingle.

    Can someone shed some light on me?
    What can I do to keep working on this?
    I am not from the US and there are literally no TMS doctor in my area. So I have to stick with books and audio tapes. I have read everything from Sr. Sarno (which was a revelation) and from Dr. Schechter incl. an audio book.

    Btw I am total type T personality. And 4 of the six trigger points are tight (neck and buttock).

    Thanks for your help and insights and if you have a question feel free to ask. I might have forgotten a lot I guess.

    All the best!
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    You say you've read Sarno? This is discussed in detail in "healing back pain". All a TMS doctor is going to do (I suppose) is confirm that it is TMS. I have never seen one and I have beaten back almost every symptom you describe, just with the text of Sarno's book.
    People do recover fast. I did, but The litany of symptoms you have here implies a little longer coming down period. I got back pain free in about 3 weeks, and was back at work in 5, BUT I have been doing reviews for 21 pain free years.... You've been getting the wrong information for so long ,you have a lot of deleting to do... and most psych's agree that it takes two weeks to thirty days for information to reach our subconscious/unconscious

    Sarno's work is a TEXT to be studied over and over, comparing your experience with it. I am a voracious reader, note taker , investigator and I didn't have a tithe of the information necessary after 1 week, even though I was already going through it my 3rd time... keep reading, keep studying.

    The three R's of recovery "Re-educate your mind, Refute the diagnosis (the old ones) , Return to activity"
  3. rj81

    rj81 Newcomer

    Thanks for your answer.
    I am reading daily about TMS or listen to an audiobook. I try to tell myself that there are no structural problems with my spine and I am fine with that, but what I cannot understand right now is how dizziness could come from TMS or even a tingling in my arms or legs!?
    Could muscle tension in my upper neck (close to my head) lead to dizziness? So this is TMS related after all? Or is it stress? Stress that might lead to muscle tension I am not really aware of?

    I find these concepts difficult when there is no severe pain involved.

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