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New symptoms with this program

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by lowella, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. lowella

    lowella Peer Supporter

    Hello, all! I was very excited to discover Sarno's books and this forum. Except for one thing. I used a different program to train away from multiple chemical sensitivities/EBV/fibro etc. I was left with only some foot pain that came on from running 7 miles every other day - which is basically plantar fasciitis. I stopped the other program as it stopped having an effect. After reading 2 of Sarno's books and now Steve's book, I now have considerable back pain as well as a few other new things in addition to the foot pain. This is with doing both daily readings/writings and journaling 30 min each morning and evening, and of course lots of reading here (I am fascinated by it all). I first took the new things as an extinction burst, now I'm not so sure. I feel like I'm playing mind games trying to figure out what the emotions I need to address are. I'm happy, I haven't been worrying because I've found the final source of my illness, yet my body's not agreeing. I have a great understanding of the id, ego and superego at this point. They are colliding and having quite an interesting fireworks show. I'm not putting stress on myself to heal quickly, I understand it will take time. I smile when I feel anything and observe it to the best of my ability, slowing my breath etc.

    I'll tell myself I'm guilty for something but then I find it may just be the bully talking. I'll write that I'm angry for something and I truly don't feel any anger. I'm trying to work through my emotions. Does anyone have any resources for this? It feels sort of like looking for the needle in the hay...except it feels like I keep stepping on it. (hmm sounds like one of Steve's concepts I read about)

    I have *zero* doubt that it's all my brain, and have believed that and trained the idea into my subconscious for the last 15 months, just not sure of next step. I do have an extremely busy life and I've journaled on the anger from it over & over again. I did take 4 days off to go hike in the mountains last weekend and felt great there, but then returned to "everything" at home with my truly wonderful family. Time for some psychotherapy? Finally, I do not take it lightly that I'm "mostly" healed compared to where I was, and that many people are in a harder situation than I am right now. And I don't mind being patient but don't want to work myself into a deeper situation by my ignorance on true feelings of the unconscious.
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