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New pain while on vacation

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Dwiegman, May 28, 2018.

  1. Dwiegman

    Dwiegman New Member

    I have had TMS symptoms for a few years. Mostly upper back/neck pain and pelvic pain. I have had many other symptoms though and some periods of very little pain. About 7 weeks ago it all got really bad right at the end of a week off from work. I got a TMS diagnosis from a TMS doctor and started writing and meditating every day but it seems to be a very slow process for me right now. Over the weekend we went for 3 nights to a beach community with a bunch of friends and kids. We go every year and I really thought while I was there I would have no pain. Instead the second day, after going for a run, I started to get a terrible ache in my lower back. It’s almost more like the top of my butt. It is really bad and not letting up. I’m back home now and really worried about going back to work tomorrow with this terrible pain but I know it has to be tms.
    Anybody had a new pain TMS flare up while on vacation? I haven’t been this scared about pain in a while. Should I just keep doing the work and expect that this will soon pass too? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    Yes, I had. And it always seems to be totally random. Sometimes I ecoected pain and I had none and the other way round. Vacations generally trigger pain with me the first days. For me it’s the uncertainty connected with travel. Try to fell what is bothering you. Sometimes it simply is the much exaggerated expectation of having the most wonderful vacation. Did you know that most couples decide to have a divorce after vacation (also after Christmas break)? It can be an emotionally difficult time. So, don’t get worried, it happens ...
  3. Dwiegman

    Dwiegman New Member

    Thanks for the reply. What your saying makes a lot of sense. I have had pain come on during vacation before but usually it’s something I was having off and on anyways. This time the low back pain really caught me off guard. And after a day back at work it’s still hurting pretty bad. Of course even though I feel like I know it’s TMS, my pain is all I think about when it’s bad. It’s hard to find anything that can keep me distracted. I will keep doing the work and try to stay positive. And your right, I was expecting to have a great, pain free vacation so when I started feeling pain I got very sad and angry which clearly made it worse

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