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New here

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Donnowhy, Jun 23, 2016.

  1. Donnowhy

    Donnowhy Newcomer

    Hi people,

    First of all, sorry for my typing, i am Dutch and have to search for the right words (not always easy).

    Unfortunate in Holland we don't have a lot of TMS practicioners or oppurtunities to discuss and "learn" about this.
    Hope you can help me with understanding this forum a little better. I am reading this a few months now and want to get more active.

    Don't know it this is the right thread for it but a (very) long story shirt:
    * I'm 40 yrs. young and as only from last december (2015) i know about TMS. As i can see now i have symptoms for many many years.
    It was getting worse about 4 to 5 yrs ago. My girlfriend pregnant from our second son and when it was born he came to this earth with a "wedge skull" literally translation from dutch. Within 8 months he had to be operated heavily to correct the front of his skull again (beautifull boy now!).

    In his / our postpartum period i was getting sick.... lymph node cancer... World upside down and from hospital to hospital.
    My form of cancer is low gradient, because it is in my bown marrow and i am now to good physical (yes they say that with all my TMS complaints) they will only give me a control twice a year and only treat me when it is getting out of hand. So, this was the short version of one of the heaviest times of my life.

    * Now, this is getting interesting, sick and you know for sure it's TMS that you have?
    Yep! The complaints of astma as a younger child, father left us in a divorce, complaints in back, upperback and when it is not there immediately low back.
    When i want to sport (cycling) my knees hurt on and off. Swimming, no knees or back complaints but neck complaints.... etc. etc.

    I think i am on the good path though, why? Because i know i have TMS, i read the 2 books of Sarno and busy with the book of Steve Ozanich. This info enriches me. As also the mindfulness and discovering who i really am?

    I read multiple times that it is NOT the pain you have to work on but who you really are, the child (your ID), don't fool yourself and be honoust...
    Finally these words got me today!! and wanted to make this post.

    This is getting long now but thnx for the oppurtunity to get this out and hope to make a contribution.

    Greets Roland
  2. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, @Donnowhy. Did you ever get the feedback that you were looking for?

    I found this post in our "About This Site" subforum and it didn't have any replies. I just moved it to our Support Subforum, where more people are likely to see it.

    Unfortunately, the original post is quite old, though. Donnowhy originally posted in June of 2016!

    Are you still interested in feedback, Donnowhy?

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