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new here, a few questions and tips please

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by jonatan29israel, May 29, 2014.

  1. jonatan29israel

    jonatan29israel Newcomer

    Hi, my name is jonatan, i am from israel, 29 years old.
    All my life i made sport (basketball, tennis, martial arts, gym) and 3 months ago while playing basketball i had a back pain attack for the first time in my life.
    After about one month the pain got worse and in the last 2 months i have a lot of pain in my right leg.
    I cannot walk or stand more than 1 minute, and in the last 2 weeks i cannot sleep at nights because of the pain.
    I have tried many medicens (etopan, arkoksia ext) and went to alternative therapists
    In a ct test the doctors sayd i have herinated disc in l5s1
    I have read the book of dr sarno and was surfing in this site for about 3 days.

    A few questions i will be glad to be answered:

    1. I want and try to believe in tms and that thats my problem, but on the other hand i still do the conventional things:
    Hydrotherapy, reflexology, take pain medicenes, and wait fo epidoral streoids injection.
    I feel confused and feel guilt for mixing the 2 things and afraid that this way both wont help.
    I would like to know from your expierence if while healing understanding that you have tms have you stopped all the conventional ways?
    2. I feel panic a few hours before the night coming. And when i try to sleep the pain get worse and i get very nervous, any tips?
    I tried mindfullness meditation... Not really helped.
    3. I see a lot of success stories, but i dont understand exactly how they done it, what was the process, do you have any links to content like this?
    I really feel kind of lost and depressed
    Thank you for your answers
  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi, Jonathan. You did yourself a really big favor by coming here. We can help you.

    You sound like a typical person with TMS, even though your doctor and the examination says you have a herniated disc.
    That is not causing your pain. It is psychological, from repressed emotions that probably go back to your boyhood,
    as mine did.

    You should start the free TMS Recovery program in one of the subforums here. It will guide you through the steps
    to make you well again. But you must stop taking pain medications (unless your pain is so bad you need to keep using them), but mainly
    stop any physical treatment because your mind will still think that your pain is structural, not psychological.

    Don't feel lost or depressed. You have just come to this web site. You will find all the tools for healing in the various subforums.

    I will give you some tips and others will offer there's. To start with, these short videos can help explain TMS and hopefully convince you it will lead you to becoming your old self again:

    And look at the other videos in the Mindbody Video Library.

    Keep positive. You're going to be a new man again, and soon!
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