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New here…think I have TMS

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by AnxietyPain, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. AnxietyPain

    AnxietyPain New Member

    I am new here. I read Dr Sarno's book on back pain and believe I have TMS.

    Here's my story: Type A driven retired military guy, very dysfunctional childhood, over-achiever, reward-seeker, extreme perfectionist and have been under treatment for depression and anxiety for about 18 mos now. I developed low pack and calf pain in February when I was switched to on an SSRI medication (Celexa) following a variety of other meds that I was not responding too. I was having parasthesia (hot burning sensations around my waist) and anytime I tried to exercise I had severe calf, waist and low back pain. Dr discontinued meds thinking it was an adverse reaction to SSRIs. (bummer too since Celexa was helping with my other issues). I was on 6 different SSRI/SNRI meds over 16 mos and all but one "caused" pain…or so we thought.

    I stopped meds May 24th (expect for Xanax) and my pain has intensified. The only difference is the parasthesia burning sensations ended. Pain is deep in my glutes, sacrum/lower lumbar area, hips and my hip pointers and sides are tender all the way to my rib cage. I feel bloated at the end of the day like I want to take my pants off and wear gym clothes even though pants are not tight and I'm not overweight. I've had diarrhea for months. I was a runner and it was my primary coping mechanism. What is weird is that I can exercise moderately (bike or jog) but I pay dearly for it just a few hours later…excruciating pain. I am now getting some transient chest pain and pain at the rear base of the neck. NSAIDs do nothing. I am also finding it difficult to stand for long periods of time and the pain is most intense mid-afternoon through early evening.

    I FINALLY got an appointment next week with a physiatrist to start ruling things out. I am also seeing a PhD Psychologist who understands what TMS is (and psychosomatic anxiety) and we are working on emotional-based CBT. We are doing dialectical behavior therapy which includes pulling out repressed emotions and memories as well as mindfulness. We are just now getting to the painful emotions.

    I am horrified of this pain. It dominates every waking hour. I have tried to exercise some more and I stopped going to Physical Therapy as it was not helping. But the pain unrelenting much of the time. I will start the education process as well. Any advice or encouragement is appreciated.
  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Have you tried running in the water with an aqua-jogger belt?
  3. AnxietyPain

    AnxietyPain New Member

    Well, uh, no, haven't tried that yet. But I am a member of a great gym with indoor and outdoor pools. Biking seems the least invasive and it gets me outside on the Colorado trails although I am peddling like an 80 year old.
  4. alexandra

    alexandra Peer Supporter

    I have similar symptoms as yours and there are others on this forum who have or had them as well. I am still recovering and have improved since the onset of my symptoms following dr sarnos healing methods. TMS can manifest itself in many ways including what you are describing but it's a great idea to rule out anything serious by a medical dr first. I have been on Celexa for 12 years, only 10 MG a day and my symptoms started 2 years after a series of stressful events. I don't believe there is a connection between the Celexa and my symptoms. I highly recomend the book by Steven Ozanich "The great pain deception" it contains all the information you need and will answer all your questions. Welcome to the forum ☺!

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