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Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by eightball776, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. eightball776

    eightball776 Well known member

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with TMS-assistance from this type of professional. I am currently jumping through a pretty remarkable number of hoops just to get an appointment with one, but I am wondering if I might be wasting my time...I initially got excited when I heard that the testing they do can definitively conclude that there are psychological processes triggering responses in the nervous system, but I think it is more for folks recovering from strokes or traumatic brain injuries as opposed to what we're all dealing with. Anyone tried this?

    I guess I'm still looking for more folks in white coats to tell me there is a way out through treating psychological factors, perhaps to counter all of the surgeons that want to operate. Thing is, I know my pain is TMS. There is just no way I match so many of the personality traits Dr. Sarno describes and have a history like mine without being a no-doubt about it professional TMS sufferer. Thing is, that acceptance, along with all of the introspective psychoanalysis, the reading, the daily affirmations, journaling, etc., is getting me absolutely nowhere, and I don't have much more gas left in the tank to fight this thing. The hormonal imbalances caused by Prednisone & pain meds and the automatic depression associated with the chronic pain.....well, it's becoming too much to bear. The pain and everything that's been sacrificed because of it is starting to affect my mental health in a way that can only exacerbate the TMS. Sigh. Why couldn't I just have broken my back instead.
  2. MindBodyPT

    MindBodyPT Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi eightball,

    I'm sorry to hear you're still in a lot of pain! I used to work with neuropsychologists when I was inpatient rehab working with brain injured patients. My understanding is that they mostly do testing, and mostly work with this more impaired population. I haven't heard of any TMS neuropsychologists, though i'm sure they'd have a lot to learn from TMS theory!

    You may have mentioned this before but have you tried working with TMS therapists or doctors, in person or by Skype?
  3. Time2be

    Time2be Well known member

    maybe this is the problem: that you are looking for more white coats that give you certainty? I am saying this because I do the same - and it is no good and not leading you anywhere. The most important thing is to gain certainty from within. I just wish I come to this point!
  4. eightball776

    eightball776 Well known member

    I have seen TMS doctors, though not really a TMS therapist. I hesitate to try any counseling again...it's almost as if the stress from adding another medical appointment to my calendar (and all of the insurance crap & everything that goes along with it) would cancel out any potential benefit. Something that I've never really gotten out of talk-therapy. I feel like that time is better spent reading one of the dozens of books on this subject that I know I must read. Yes, I suppose I do still look for people in white coats to tell me I'm right about this, but I went and saw Dr. Rashbaum, pretty much Dr. Sarno's direct protege, but his opinion didn't move the needle for me. The only thing that has ever moved it for me is Prednisone. Only now I can't stand to take enough of it to make a difference. I would probably be willing to see a TMS therapist...but the prices I saw on those Skype channels - was so much more than I could possibly afford, at least while I'm so limited with how much I can work. I'm doing a tad better after stepping back & realizing the drugs are what's making me crazy, and that's temporary...which is somehow easier for me to swallow than the pain being the source of the crazy, because I'm less certain that's temporary.
  5. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Prednisone made me crazy, too. At first it seemed to lift all my TMS symptoms, then I came crashing down.

    I don't think seeing a neuropsychologist will be helpful. They aren't trained in TMS to my knowledge. A good TMS therapist would provide the direction and support you need. If you don't want to go that direction, then keep reading and doing self-help strategies. Many of us recovered without a TMS therapist or doctor.

    Hang in there. Recovery from TMS is possible.
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  6. Rainstorm B

    Rainstorm B Peer Supporter

    Hi eightball

    I briefly saw a neuropsychologist, thinking that clearly with a title like that they were going to totally get the mindbody thing. Like you, I got excited thinking he was going to be the answer to my prayers. No. He was clinically trained to give 'psychiatric' labels (in the same way doctors are trained to give physical illness labels) and to prescribe medication to 'treat' them. I found the whole experience as unhelpful as all the useless physical labels I had been given for my back pain. Worse, he tried to do 'therapy' with me and I later found out he was not trained in psychotherapy. Psychologists are not automatically trained in psychotherapy (in the UK in any case) and his main NHS day job was working with people with brain injuries - the private 'therapy' work was his extra income. It was not a good experience.

    That said, you might find someone more helpful, but I would just say do some careful research beforehand. i.e. what is their background/training/attitude towards TMS/MBS work? But I would think you might be better off looking for a therapist with training and a track record in that field. I went on to find an excellent qualified body psychotherapist who totally gets the TMS approach and has really helped me. It sounds like you do accept that you have TMS symptoms, but that you could use some extra support at this stage in your recovery. I wish you luck.
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  7. eightball776

    eightball776 Well known member

    thanks very much @Rainstorm B ! I did some homework to jump through the hoops they required but stopped short of scheduling an appointment because I reached the same conclusion....this isn't what I'm looking for, and like you said, I was mislead by the title. I think my biggest obstacle at this point is part attitude & part chemistry. The medications I've been on can be counterproductive in so many ways - making it difficult to relax/meditate (ADD meds), or messing with adrenal glands/hormones (Prednisone, Opioids). I was about to start a mood elevator & realize I'm just medicating side effects at this point & in order to really connect with the emotions behind the pain I need to get rid of the drugs that can further suppress those emotions. So I'm onto my 4th day of a controlled 'detox' & I'm going to take it slow. The lethargy/concentration can be the toughest part, but I have to power through it.

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