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Neuro symptoms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Dog_mom, Dec 30, 2022.

  1. Dog_mom

    Dog_mom New Member

    Has anyone had strange neurological symptoms that couldn't be explained by a disease? I've had electric shock sensations on my chest on and off for over ten years and they got more painful this year. Then earlier this year my right arm fell asleep for over a day and both legs did the same after I was squatting down but that lasted 10 min. My hands fall asleep so easily at night and I get heat sensation on my legs sometimes. I also have a migrating pinching sensation on my skin (neuropathy feeling but can happen anywhere) and same thing with pain - migrating pain. Neuro symptoms worse at night and also sometimes get cramps in arch of feet at night. Sometimes have a headache in certain areas. Occasionally I've had super sensitivity to sounds. Brain MRI didn't reveal anything; spine MRI found an abnormal diffuse cord signaling, which I'm told could be nothing although I am getting a lumbar puncture in Jan. Anyway, if anyone has had anything like this, I'd love to hear from you. Also, I had a bad reaction to my second Shingrix vaccine before this all happened. I'm not anti-vax but sometimes strange things happen after a vaccination and wondering if anyone else had this experience. Thanks.
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes. I have had a vast array of strange symptoms and sensations.
    I had seizure like activity, massive spasms, stabbing pains, POTS like symptoms, visual disturbances..one thing would frighten me then another “scary” symptom would show up. The neuros couldn’t find anything wrong but my physical therapist has been amazingly light hearted about it. He has seen these symptoms on others who have very stressed nervous systems. My symptoms have greatly diminished, but I must constantly work with both the mental and physical fear. I may do something physical and not fear it but my subconscious seems to -and symptoms arise. I have to work to calm my nervous system again and again. These are not relapses, or extinction bursts but something different. The PT calls it a form of dysautonomia - and feels it’s because I had such unrecognized symptoms for so long, that the stress, especially from fear can be deep rooted. The great news is, that it passes with TMS work! By all means clear your physical doubts if you need to, but know it can get better! When I get this type of symptom (mine is to a physical movement), I simply work around the fear to conquer it. Mine is now physical - so I simply find another way to do what I want to do until I can do the thing I had the reaction to without symptoms.
    Your brain will do all sorts of acrobatics to get you to not do the thing it is terrified of, which is why you have symptoms of any kind.
    TMS work combines discovering things that cause you internal stress that you avoid (usually feelings like anger, sadness, guilt and any combo of), paired with nervous system calming ( self-talk, journalling, meditation - any or all of) and self-compassion.
    It can take some time, but know you can find relief and realize that the symptoms are nothing other than your body communicating that you are under great and probably unrecognized stress.
    Dr. Sarno explains this in his books (as do other tms authors).
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  3. Dog_mom

    Dog_mom New Member

    Thank you so much for sharing, cactus flower! I am doing the work (using curable app, reading books on mind/body, etc.) and am assuming it's all due to my nerves but am also going to see through the tests to be sure it's indeed not a disease or true structure issue. I had earlier this year more of the dysautonomia and sometimes I still have heart palpitations but not nearly as frequently. Ugh - it's all so strange! Thank goodness for forums like this to converse with others who are or have been through this. Thanks again!
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  4. fridaynotes

    fridaynotes Well known member

    in my experience, so much nerve pain, numbness and tingling~ especially at night and in bed~ was totally TMS.
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  5. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I may sound like a broken record as I have said it on this forum many times: the weirder your symptoms are, the more likely they are TMS.

    I had a variety of strange neurological sensations and even a "proof" of a structural problem from my doctors in form of a bad EMG. I am glad I did not listen, refused all of their procedures and I am all fine now. Keep doing your TMS work and everything will normalize. As for your reaction to vaccine, remember that if your nervous system is on edge, any intervention from outside can trigger more unusual neurological responses. After you stabilize, you will become more resilient to things like vaccinations, life events etc.
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  6. Dog_mom

    Dog_mom New Member

    Thank you, Friday notes. Did you ever get tested for small fiber neuropathy? I feel like I might have that but can't get a skin biopsy for a while. At the same time, since I've been doing "the work," I feel like my symptoms are more muted. So I am hopeful it's all mind/body but I'd like to see how this test goes.
  7. Dog_mom

    Dog_mom New Member

    Thank you, Beloved grand eagle - I am currently reading the book you wrote! I appreciate so much your taking the time to do that - it has been so helpful! I guess in my journey I'm still at the "let me rule out this and that" stage, but since I've been doing the exercises in the Curable app, reading your book and others by experts in this area, I have to say my symptoms are more muted. Fingers crossed!
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  8. Dog_mom

    Dog_mom New Member

    Thank you - because of your post I am reading Dr. Sarno's books - so very helpful and fascinating and hopeful!
  9. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you - I am glad the book is helpful! Feel free to ask questions if you have any!
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