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Netflix Show - Afflicted

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by BagelSchnitzel, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    Hi Guys,

    Just started watching a show on Netflix called Afflicted.

    Immediately these people seem to have severe TMS symptoms.

    I was wondering if anyone else had watched it?
  2. Loui

    Loui New Member

    Just saw it's trailer.
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  3. Ellen

    Ellen Beloved Grand Eagle

    Just watched the first episode, and it does seem to me that these people have severe TMS. I don't think I can watch another episode as the first one brought up a lot of emotions--feeling a lot of empathy for the desperation of the people, remembering being in that state, but also a lot of anger for the alternative practitioners who prey on the desperation of suffering people with dubious "treatments". I wish there was some way to let these folks know about TMS and the possibility for recovery.

    Maybe someday there will be a show where some of our best TMS practitioners work with people with severe TMS and record their progress and eventual recovery. Imagine how many lives would be changed by watching this?
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  4. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    Agreed, it is hard to watch people suffer when a solution as simple as an understanding of TMS and mindbody medicine could help them on the road to recovery. The worrying thing about this show so far aswell is it could have more people thinking they have the same afflictions as those on the show, creating more pain and frustration for people out there. I have tweeted Netflix about TMS and the recovery program in particular for these people but I doubt it will do much help.

    I think I'll carry on watching the show just to see if they do try anything mindbody related.
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  5. BrooklynGal

    BrooklynGal Peer Supporter

    As someone who has suffered the gamut of TMS symptoms and someone’s whose run the gamut of physical symptoms after a severe gi infection, some people’s symptoms are very real and not TMS. While I do believe everything has an emotional resonance, if you take an antibiotic you can cause liver damage and that is very real. If you breathe in mold, you can very much have mold growing in your body. Some things are just real. I can’t watch the show cause it will freak me out. I’m just saying not everything is TMS.
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  6. BagelSchnitzel

    BagelSchnitzel Peer Supporter

    Agreed.. I've only watched the first episode and they do all seem like TMS or at least fear related to me. They've had all kinds of tests which didn't find anything.
  7. Dfw

    Dfw Peer Supporter


    There will always be medical symptoms and issues to deal with, so I am not discounting. I agree, 100 percent.

    To me, the biggest problem in the US medical community is the failure to relate your entire body. That may be the fault of the general public, as we expect a quick surgical or medicinal fix, for Everything. No work on our part.

    I’ve had some of each, the problem I have with a lot of the medicinal community is they just have no idea sometimes. They are afraid to admit it. I had three (3) back doctors who wanted to do a lumbar fusion. Two pain doctors wanted me to do scripts for the rest of my life (muscle relaxers & cymbalta) As I came to find out, not at all necessary. I’ve had no less than 4 ent’s tell me « nothing to do about tinnitus, you’ll just have to learn to live with it »
    No show of compassion or ideas to make it better. I had to look outside the medical community for any type of help in both circumstances and I moved forward, to great benefit.

    There are some great doctors and medical community, but if we can continue to pressure our own health care providers to look outside the » magic » box sometimes, it will be a huge benefit going forward.

    I’m working on all my health care providers, one at a time!!!

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  8. fibri

    fibri New Member

    I binge-watched this show over the past two days. If ever I had any residual doubt about my mind creating symptoms, this show has killed the doubt. I feel sorry for many of the people in this show, sorry that they don't know about TMS but also very angry at how [some of them] are draining their loved ones mentally and financially in a very selfish way, spending thousand, even hundreds of thousands, on cures that are at best unproven. At worst, people abusing the trust of their patients. I know I've been down those rabbit holes myself at times, but never with major financial consequences. I'm especially angry at the woman who has spent over 200,000 dollars of her husband's money while refusing to live with him and telling him she can't love him. Send him on his way at least, and don't spend his money!

    There does seem to be a common element in these stories of emotional pain and neediness, to the point of narcissim in some cases.

    Now I want to throw away every supplement and remedy in my entire house...
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  9. Free of Fear

    Free of Fear Well known member

    It makes me think how pain and other symptoms can become so central to a person's life that it's not even clear who they would be if they were symptom-free.
    I remember one time, when I was obsessing over my symptoms, realizing that I had no idea what I'd even be thinking about if I were pain free. It's a real identity shift to become healthy again!

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