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Nerve pulling

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by PAwoodchopper, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. PAwoodchopper

    PAwoodchopper New Member

    I've been dealing with left leg sciatic nerve pain for 3 months now. I'll keep the background info short, but it started mid January. Had a little stiffness in low back after the holidays and returning to work but figured it was nothing. I should note I'm a logger by trade, pretty physical job as I still cut with chainsaw and cable skidder. Anyhow, it wasn't bad enough to slow me down, but a few days later had pain across the butt and to the knee. Visited a chiropractor, got adjusted, felt good, went to work. I should note working actually made it better as long as I didn't overextend the left leg and pull the nerve. By evening I would feel great, could carry firewood, help with cooking dinner, roll around on the floor with my dogs etc. truthfully never really thought I had a major back problem. After 6-7 visits chiropractor orders x-rays. They came back great. Was told better than expected knowing I'm mid 30s, and have always had physical labor jobs since high school, ride atvs, played contact sports etc. Disc spacing was excellent, and everything moved as expected under flexion and extension. Next step was to check piriformis/glutes area. It was super sensitive, and I fall enough doing my job there's plenty of chances I've had injuries there I just powered through over the years. Couple massages later I'm feeling pretty good, but same symptoms of pain in the morning, almost nil by end of day. 3 months later I'm feeling decent, still working, hike on weekends without too much discomfort etc, but still feel like the nerve or something is stuck in my left leg. Is this pulling feeling something that's common with TMS?
    I should note I'm probably a TMS candidate. Try to stay relaxed but definitely a perfectionist in my work. And owning my own business I stress more than I care to admit about how others perceive my work and feel I'm constantly struggling to be better than my competitors. Furthermore, I'm constantly frustrated with markets, prices, weather etc, and this winter was pretty rough. I had to put off jobs I was supposed to have done because of weather, stuff out of my control but frustrating and stressful nonetheless.
  2. Steve Ozanich

    Steve Ozanich TMS Consultant

    The pulling sensation is very common in TMS, almost expected.
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  3. intense50

    intense50 Well known member

    hello Pa your story may as well been mine. almost 90% the same. I had severe piriformis off work 3 months cant walk, ...... beat it ....and lately i t , hip and sciatica after ....symptom imperative. ran half marathon in October ..... run 7 to 9 k everyday or bicycle. I,m not 100% but 98%...the perfectionist in me .
    I just re read or re listen to refresh my memory.
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  4. PAwoodchopper

    PAwoodchopper New Member

    Thanks Steve! I've watched plenty of videos of you being interviewed by different folks on YouTube and could sit through them even when this stuff was at its worst. That really put the bug in my mind there was a mental component to this. And I've read Sarno book as well, the chapter on herniated discs over and over when that was the first diagnosis. Was just slightly confused here as of late that I feel I'm gaining on my mind in convincing it I'm ok and this is no big deal, but still get these pulling sensations on occasion as a nagging reminder. Like the brain knows I've figured out it's tricks but still won't let go.

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