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Nerve pain ~ a relapse

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Laleah Shoo Shoo, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Laleah Shoo Shoo

    Laleah Shoo Shoo Peer Supporter

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, i need to make this very brief, as sitting at the computer is excruciating.
    I have had nearly a year of almost no pain, after two years of almost debilitating pain.
    Long story....defined in one sentence for now: I knew this was TMS...informed myself, was more than
    grateful for Sarno and Steve Ozanich's books, and i truly did work on healing myself. And i did!
    10 days ago, stricken with is definitely nerve pain, the very worst of it when it first began in July of 2014. I've suddenly gone from walking distances, to a half a block at most right now. I recognize this to be TMS as well, i see clearly how this has happened.
    Because i find it so painful to sit here, i want right now to ask one question: I don't like to take medication and nothing i know of helps right now anyway. Has anyone here had any sort of injection (for temporary relief, OR perhaps to break the brain body cycle) for this
    type of pain. So different than the muscular. Thank you everyone, i will check back later. back to the bed
    love to all.
    and back to S. Ozanich's book yet again. Which i can't recommend highly enough to anyone, with or without pain.
    Be well,
    Linda Leah
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  2. Marcoinpain

    Marcoinpain New Member

    I suffer from same issues ..but mine AS NEVER GONE AWAY. I take elevil which helps alot but I still have bad flares when weather changes

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