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Need Support and Advice

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Pingman, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    I am still struggling with pain in the soles of my feet. I don't have a diagnosis aside from being stupid and googling back when it all started. I convinced myself that I have peripheral neuropathy from diabetes.

    I had previously healed from TMS a few times in the years past by acceptance after listening to doctors and recognizing there was zero proof I was injured. Flash forward to November 2015 and I was misdiagnosed with bronchitis which flared into pneumonia. I had to have a lung tube and surgery to remove scar tissue.

    A few month later in March 2016 I began to feel some sensitivity in my right sole on carpet. That is when I became obsessed with the sensation and googled. My anxiety grew and the pain moved into both feet. It waxed and wained and only seems bad in certain shoes. I am able to walk on concrete and use a foot file so I tried to tell myself that can't be nerve damage.

    I finally made my way to the dr, to get blood tests for diabetes and it appears I am right on the border with my A1C at 6.5. My dr. said to lose weight since I have gained about 35 pounds since my surgery. He never said my feet were nerve damage but I am now convinced they are. I know my sugars were ok just a few years back as my blood tests have always been normal. While not impossible to get nerve damage quick with elevated sugars it typically takes years of high numbers left untreated.

    lately my soles feel like the skin is tight and sore but I am unsure if it is my mind that is amplifying the sensations. It had gone away a few weeks back but for some reason is back now.

    Could this still be TMS?
  2. pspa

    pspa Well known member

    Nerve damage does not go away and then come back, I don't believe. I think you may have answered your own question?
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  3. TG957

    TG957 Beloved Grand Eagle

    It looks very much like you are over-sensitized and worried. It takes serious diabetes to have neuropathy to develop, but it takes couple months of worrying to develop neuropathic pain - I know from personal experience. I became obsessed over my fingers getting numb and contracted and ended up with severe neuropathic pain in hands, arms and back. Took 3 months to get there, but to get out - much longer, one year and counting.

    Are you meditating? Daily meditation is what got me on the path of improvement.
  4. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    Well I have been mulling over this now since March and it is on my mind always. I am checking all the time to see if it still hurts. I was happy today. Did a nice long walk with my wife and in general had little pain. Then all of a sudden tonight when I was out shopping I could feel my balls of my feet feel sore but more like a burn or skin sore.

    I try and tell myself my mind is playing tricks on me and I can even grind my foot into the concrete without pain. My TMS finds places on my body that force me to constantly observe.
  5. Dfw

    Dfw Peer Supporter

    It definitely could be TMS. After my back pain of 18 moths disappeared my feet started with pain. First right foot, then left. I was diagnosed with PF and then high arch, then back to PF. Remembering my arches have been the same for 40+ years.

    Then the funniest thing happened. 5 weeks ago I developed tinnitus and would you believe my foot pain disappeared overnight. In one night, period. Not one bit of foot pain in the 5 weeks I've been dealing with tinnitus.

    So you may come to your own conclusion but I have no other explanation, but TMS. The problem with this is the foot pain was a lot less scary. I'm working on outcome independence with my new found friend as we speak.

    But.......I am in the camp that most (a lot) of foot pain can be a direct result of TMS.
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  6. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    I know that it could be TMS and when I have a few good days I get positive and then boom the next day is terrible. I went to the tree farm on Saturday and wore my rubber work boots. We walked around for an hour and cut down a tree, then walked around downtown shopping and I had no pain. I was feeling good and then Sunday was bad. It felt as though my skin was tight on my feet bottoms and sore when I stood still. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to go running and for the most part I was pain free while running. Toward the end of the run I started to feel some pain. Monday night after the run I had zero pain but after my runs its as though the pain creeps back in.

    I have read so much now on the internet about nerve damage that I know all the symptoms and I can't tell if my mind is using that against me. For example I googled feet feel like they are sunburned and boom... thats a sign of nerve damage. But like you my wife says how can you have periods of no pain if the nerves are damaged.

    Its so depressing..I wish I could know for certain it was TMS without going through all the dr. appts and tests.
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Well known member

    I was where you were for a while but with different symptoms. Ultimately it came down to this decision for me, was I going to live for a greater hope or continued to be pulled down by fear.

    No matter who gives you a diagnosis there will always be the negative naysayers and people who believe you will not heal. While there are medical problems that do need to be addressed at certain times, a lot of pain and numbness with nerve damage is tms. But it comes down to you as a person, block out all the people and even yourself who say you cant. I believe in ya its time to start believing in yourself. Even if a tms doc gives you a diagnosis its still up to you to heal and believe in it. I never went to a tms doc and healed from a lot symptoms.

    I have seen people defy the odds of healing from a lot of medical difficulties that people said they would never heal from. They believed in a greater hope of healing, essentially what doctor Sarno gave us permission to do. He said there is nothing wrong with the body its reacting to repressed emotions, its a protector mechanism. Belief is crucial in life, if we think we are broken we will continue to stay broken. I know its easier said then done but when its your time you will heal. We are what we believe.

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  8. Pingman

    Pingman Well known member

    I have had a better mindset the last few days. Saturday was another good day with little to no pain. I woke up today with no pain until I walked my son to the bus and the ball of foot pain started. I need to just accept it and not fear it.

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