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need some input

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by abezz, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. abezz

    abezz Peer Supporter

    IM forever greatful for you guys and
    for everything you have done and all the information you have put out there. i have been relatively pain free for a few months. had one minor relapse of lowbackpain while leaning over to grab something and it went away after a day or two. but today i was at the gym and doing some back workouts, (not for helping my back, it was just back day) and doing some routine lifts i now feel some pain and im trying not to give in to it and telling myself it will go away in a day or two. will it most likely get better? when it does, should i go back and do the same excercises to prove it was tms? how do YOU handle these situations?

    much love. im in calgary alberta and we have no tms doctors or any support you are pretty much my only contact. thank you for being patient.
  2. Baseball65

    Baseball65 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes... In fact You MUST do them to beat down the foolish notion which can start sneaking in...that there is anything 'wrong' with you.... TMS likes to trick us into thinking there is something wrong and scary going on so it can have our attention...the scarier the better. We all Must overcome fear of activity... even vigorous activity like falling sprinting,wrestling lifting heavy objects. Unlearn all that BS about 'the right way' to lift.

    Besides returning us to normal you will even become empowered and confident as time goes on. I did. I am a cocky bastard now... I'll lift anything! (LOL) My son and I moved a 500 lb+ chunk of granite at work the other day...sort of a 'prank' on the landscaper. I whispered a secret thanks to Sarno... the 'system' would have invalided me 20 years ago
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  3. Bodhigirl

    Bodhigirl Well known member

    Amen, to what Baseball65 said. Don't stop exercising. I do intense yoga seven days a week and when my brain said uh oh, you're going to hurt myself I usually smile and say Hello, Fear.
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