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Need some guidance

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by abezz, Jun 23, 2023.

  1. abezz

    abezz Peer Supporter

    Have used tms healing in the past with great success. But recently i have started experiencing shortness of breath. Like i need to yawn a million times a day in order to Catch my breath. And when i do i still dont feel satisfied. Worrying about it is making it worse. The anxiety makes me
    Throwup. Initial family doctors visit said everything looks good. Going for xray and cardio tests this week . 32 year old male just lost 30 pounds and have been excercising and quit smoking/vaping about 6 months ago. Just herewondering if anyone else has gone through this. Thank u
  2. Kana118

    Kana118 New Member

    That does sound worrisome. You have taken some good first steps. If the X-rays and cardio don’t show anything, then my guess is it’s TMS (I’m not a doctor). You are not the only one to have used the TMS methods successfully and then it crops up again (me too). Have you tried deep breathing, belly breathing? I know deep breathing has helped a lot of people. Do you spend time every day concentrating on the things bothering you? Have you tried EFT which has also helped me a lot? Other people might have other suggestions. I wish you much success in releasing this problem.
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  3. Kana118

    Kana118 New Member

    Also, have you looked for a doctor in your area who understands TMS?
  4. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    What TMS work did you do in the past to calm your nervous system and address your anxieties?
  5. tag24

    tag24 New Member

    A sensation of air hunger really probably is just anxiety - and I don't say that to belittle you at all, you know the power of TMS as well as anyone. I struggled with it for about 2 years in the past and it, like all my past TMS manifestations, passed eventually... usually once I'd been to a doctor and realised it was nothing to worry about! It pops up occasionally, and the reason for that is that breathing is the easiest way for us to regulate our nervous systems. Excessive yawning/sighing is considered symptomatic of anxiety/depression for that very reason, our body is seeking to calm itself and tries to do so by taking in (and letting out) biiig relaxing breaths. You mentioned you'd struggled with TMS previously and have quit smoking too, which was probably a coping mechanism for you - have you been feeling stressed or anxious lately, besides what you feel about this symptom?
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  6. abezz

    abezz Peer Supporter

    Yes its happened to me before, usually at work but it eventually goes away. But i notice it more now and i think focusing on it makes it way worse. Last night i quickly spiraled down a terrible road thinking am i going to have crippling anxiety that is going to stop me from being able to provide for my family? Am i going to be bedridden? Etc etc. this panic made me immediately throw up. I was in a vicious loop. I get very worried about my health whenever something pops up. I have used tms healing to recover from terrible back issues, gastrointestinal, rsi, etc. but shortness of breath and thinking you have a heart or lung issues is scary on a different level. I have done many things in the past to try to heal, journal , meditate, tons of tms reading and videos. What ive learned is u can think emotionally but you will never truly feel your subconscious emotions. Somebody here stated that tms is basically living your life and doing anything and everything except think about your pain. But ofcourse that is easier said than done. I acknowledge i do have a lot going on. New father, opened a business , wife doesnt work, huge burden on me to provide and become successful. The fact that the world around is is full of fake news and propaganda. All of these things cause tons of worry.
  7. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Beloved Grand Eagle

    TMS for many people is more than not just worrying.
    It is often accepting your emotions, your probable anger. No, you might not consciously feel it, but there is, as Sarno puts it, is a divide, a conflict of the mind. That heavy burdon of responsibility you feel towards those you love but subconsciously or even consciously “wife doesn’t work” have anger, maybe guilt about the anger etc that you don’t even recognize (that’s just an example, not saying it’s true). It is facing these things that help you deal with TMS and acknowledge and accept that you feel this way and it’s Ok, and totally human to have and to feel these emotions. Many people with TMS do not accept or avoid feeling their conscious emotions either.

    These things you explore in your journalling, and it might be a good practice for you to continue -start again and continue even after your symptoms fade. Perhaps you are just a guy who keeps on filling the stress bucket, and you simply need ongoing tms practices to help you manage stress through life. Many of the tms “gurus” (authors, practitioners, coaches)
    Some people continue some sort of regular practice and it really helps them., wether it be meditation, journalling, mindfulness, or anything stress relieving. The key is they learn to recognize when they fall back into stress habits.
    Do you think any of your previous practices might help you now, and also in the future. Do you feel you might add to your tms skill set (maybe not, but it’s something to think about).
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