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Need help

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by tmscma, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. tmscma

    tmscma Newcomer

    A Sarno followed last 10 years treated myself of plantar fascitis, piriformis, hip pain, sinuses, and many other issues. Did the Structured Education Program and read a whole bunch of books and have success multiple times with flare ups. Now I am in another situation. Finally after years of wanting to, I took up running at the age of 48 but diligently following a couch to 5K program and able to now run (slowly not fast) upto 5-6 miles. I am hoping and dreaming of running/walking a half marathon 4 weeks from now and working towards it. Starting 2 days ago my ankle is throbbing awfully after I ran 8 miles. I took it easy 2 days and it felt better and I ran 5 miles. And since then again my pain from ankle got to the heel. I iced my heel and yesterday night was determined and went on the treadmill to run 2.5 miles. It is worse today. I am wondering what my course of action should be. I believe it is TMS but despite running with pain yesterday its still there. Any tips, advice or suggestions would be much appreciate. Thank you - Seema

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