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Need Help, Please! - Rotator Cuff Pain

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by NeverGiveUp, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. NeverGiveUp

    NeverGiveUp Newcomer

    Hello guys! I had Rotator Cuff Pain for 8 years now!

    It is a very sad and frustrating condition that led me to many depression/anxiety episodes. I am a fighter in life and i don't care to sacrifice everything and work my ass off day and night to reach my goal. So when this thing happened in my life, i was no longer in control!

    Also, I have read the book The Mindbody Prescription by John Sarno, but it didn't help my shoulder condition (but it helped my CTS, RSI and Tennis Elbow :)

    - When I lift my arm, or do any movement above the shoulder with my arm, or when i use my shoulder area to do some exercice, i start to feel pain in my shoulder, like if my Supraspinatus/Trapesismuscle were compressed. If I keep working this area over and over I will feel a burning sensation and if I really overdo it, I will be injuried in the next weeks, I wont be able to put a shirt on! So needless to say I use my shoulder the least I can.

    - My Scapula (shoulder blade) muscles need to get stronger so they can stabilise the "upper ball'' of my Humerus bone in the Scapula socket, when I make movements.
    - I should work on my posture, my shoulders and neck leaning too much forward.
    - I need to reinforce my supraspinatus, trapesis muscles
    (I have seen around 5 physiotherapists and 2-3 other specialists over the 8 last years)

    Can you help me?
    Did anyone ever had these kind of Rotator Cuff Pain problems? Did you go throught it? I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with their past experience or advices.

    I believe that if someone had the same condition I had and went over it, it would really help me!
  2. mrsciatic

    mrsciatic New Member

    My response is somewhat at odds with TMS so I apologize for that.

    In any case you can tell from my id that I have sciatica and have had it for 17+ years. I am convinced its TMS. However, I have achieved significant pain relief by seeing a physical therapist skilled in deep myofascial massage. She has helped me tremendously. In my case I think that the TMS tightens my piroformis and hamstrings and keeps the sciatic nerve in tension. Hence the massage to elongate those muscles has helped me to the extent that I can now play vigorous sports and exercise including tennis. Oddly during this period during exercise I overstressed my shoulder leading to severe rotator cuff pain. When I mentioned this to my PT she related that rotator cuff pain often times accompanies sciatic pain. She applied 2 sessions of deep myofascial massage which were somewhat painful but within 2 weeks that problem left as quickly as it arrived.

    Now I am left with old faithful sciatic pain that controls my life. I am working thru Schubiner's book and hope to get to root cause but its slow going. However, I don't accept that its necessary to give up other treatments such as PT in the meantime. Even Schubiner suggests that PT is a good form of exercise.

    I hope you get the relief that you deserve. This constant pain can really drag one down. My heart goes out to you.

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