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Need help, mostly encouragement....

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Xara, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    Hi to everyone! New at the forum, forgive me for my English as I am not a native speaker...
    I am through my healing journey of tms last 6 months... All began with some diziness, fatigue and pain at the neck and back.. Got mri, they told me i have herniated disk at the neck, every other exams perfect, fortunately. I had physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, pills... Nothing better, all things got worse, plus my diziness which is in fact instability. New mris to see my brain and my ear. Everything perfect! An ear specialist told me i had neuronitis. You can imagine that my instability got worse and worse, despite the new medication...
    Anxious enough, started for walking at nature. I there realised that my instability was getting better at nature. I became suspicious about this diagnosis. Then I had a very deep and intolerable pain at my leg that kept me at bed. I had to do new mri to see if there is something wrong with my waist I started thinking that this was a nonsense, I never had problem with my waist... Then, a doctor told me i had myoperitoneal syndrome, its the word in my country for tms. And this is how i learnt about Sarno!
    I was pretty sure that this is me... I stopped every painkiller, stopped physio and my leg pain almost gone (90%) in three months. I know why, I was never much afraid of pain and my brain didn't get much fear about my waist ( is the proper word ?) .
    But... After this effort about the anger, about my emotions I realised how many repressed feelings I have, my instability is here all the time ruining the days, and anxiety and depression came to stay... I am sure that all these feelings were there for many years and emerged after my child's birth and my father's death and a wrong diagnosis about breast cancer ( I almot feel embarrassed about the doctors in my country...)
    I have a stressful job, a 3 year child and few opportunities to have time with my own and need some people, who can understand me, to know that there are other people who have or had the same symptoms and how they managed their daily routine.
    I am a total wreck all the day ( except for times I run!), I am dizzy, my mind is exhausted from overthinking and instability/dizziness is almost constant. I try to apply the same sarno method, but it is difficult because I am afraid of this much more, and my brain was persuaded that there was something wrong with my ear.
    I hope you understood somehow the situation, despite the weird English I am writing. I got much courage from the success stories in this forum.
    Wait for hopeful messages!
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  2. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    I think I have to add some things... Until afternoon, my mind is like a fog... My body feels exhausted... Nevertheless, I work every day, till 4 pm trying so so much to be adequate. The days I don't work I am just lying at bed.
    In addition, I know that everything has to do with my fears ( I think I am afraid of everything!) and anger after what happened.
    I forgot to mention that I got rid of many many other symptoms, numbness, tingling, aches all over the body etc. As the symptoms moved, then came pure anxiety, depression and fatigue.
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  3. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello @Xara, and welcome to the forum! It's exciting that you found us, and I am fascinated by the term in your country of myoperitoneal syndrome, referring to TMS, or, more generally, MindBody Syndrome. The fact that you found a doctor who was willing to tell you this is wonderful. Many people, from every country in the world, never come across a doctor like that in years and years of searching for answers, so you had good luck!

    Feel free to read my profile story, which will show the many different symptoms that can occur. You'll see that what we often call Dizziness (but which you correctly also said is "instability") is something I had, and it's something that still bothers me off and on. Here's an old thread about this topic which you might find helpful and encouraging. The article which can be downloaded from this thread is excellent! https://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/psycho-physiological-dizziness-syndrome-ppds.4599/ (Psycho-Physiological Dizziness Syndrome (PPDS))

    Have you found our free Structured Educational Program? It's a great way to have one relatively easy set of readings and/or exercises to do each day, and it doesn't take too much time if you only do one a day. And if you skip a day or two, that's fine, too! There is one thing you must do when you are doing the SEP or any other program, and that is to be completely 100% honest with yourself. Your fearful brain will try to tell you that something is not important, and that you can skip it, or that you don't have to write it down - and you MUST be strong and do it down anyway, no matter how much you don't want to.

    You've made a good start - Good luck!


    PS - your English is admirable, and your posts are completely understandable. Most Americans can not even write a complete sentence in another language.
  4. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    So glad you replied, so glad I can communicate all these staff, experience, knowledge, opinions with other people!
    Notice that in my country ( Greece) there is no, how to tell it, something organised where you can find Sarno's solid theory about the connection between anger or emotions and body. Some doctors only innuate this. Some other, especially nevrologists give patients anti depressants etc without seeking anything- they take bonus from these companies.
    This syndrome in Greece is treated by physiotherapy, prolotherapy, acupuncture or they simply tell you, you have to live with this! The most interesting part, that helped me being more open to Sarno's theory is that there is one chiropractic ( is far away from my home so I couldn't visit her) who explains that this pain is deprivation of oxygen, but treats trigger points with hands. As far as I have understood she makes some chiro- movements and then presses very hard the trigger points so they will get oxygen. She explained that they can be triggered also by emotions.
    So I thought, even if I get this therapy, if emotions are still there, it is vain, pain and the other symptoms will be here.
    I have already read this thread about dizziness, believe me, when I read it I was completely dizzy for two weeks... They are true but my brain is vulnerable to whatever reminds me of the symptoms. My journey is long, I know, although there are many many times I get tired, very tired of this buttle. But I think, I tell myself, we are the lucky ones that our body gave as the chance to understand deep deep buried emotions, to face our lives, our beloved ones and finally feel everything as it really is, naked, without guilt. It's a difficult journey but it has its beauties too ( very greek translated this..)
    Well, as far as I "treat" myself: walking, running (summer swimming helped much) and I talk to a phycologist...I try to find what cheers me, what do I really want to do, what brings me pain, what, what... I haven't understood what this program is.... I will see it. It is the only one section I hadn't read in this site...
    Ps it's another topic's theme, but it lies in my mind and I want to write it. I have read at a youtube comment that these who apply sarno's theory, made it too complicated, despite the simplicity of his approach. I partly agree... But when someone is control freak like me... overanalyzing is inevitable...
    Thank you for replying, I am so so dizzy and cheerful ;)
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  5. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    @JanAtheCPA, just read your profile details. We have so many symptoms in common.... I was terrified reading the beginning, but relieved with your withdrawal of symptoms!
    I really cannot live with dizziness, instability, foggy feeling and anxiety that causes or is caused by this.... So, I keep hoping !
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  6. Xara

    Xara Peer Supporter

    @JanAtheCPA I sometimes find it difficult to treat my instability as a tms symptom and need a piece of advice. I found this method much easier as fas pain is concerned, because Sarno explained in his books with every detail the way it happens with lots of case studies and my brain convinced. In addition I had much evidence from my environment. Pain in muscles is like epidemy.
    So, did you find this program useful, despite the fact it is about pain? How did you persuade your brain? How did you manage your daily routine? I work every day, and every day I have the same symptoms for at least 6 months ( some things got better, but improvement walks like a snail...). Every simple day I am that unstable. I know that my anxiety is at high levels but it happens to me even when I play hide and seek with my son...Weekes helped me a lot. many questions I know, but I find this the most difficult part of my journey and I found so many common symptoms...
    Forgot to mention that physiatrist had told me that I am full of trigger points ( neck, head, jaw, shoulder, leg) and that trigger points at neck and jaw cause instability... This information confused me enough, because in reality after Sarno' s method pain eleviated at 80-100% and instability and anxiety got worse... Am I supposed to open another topic about this???
    Thanks in advance
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