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My unique situation

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by FuturePilot, May 4, 2018.

  1. FuturePilot

    FuturePilot Newcomer

    Hello to all. I am new to this forum and have decided to join it because I have been recently diagnosed with TMS by a professional TMS doctor who at one point worked under Dr. Sarno. I fit all the personality charachteristics (Type A) for the classic TMSer and have read "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. Sarno so I am well educated in the matter. I also read "The Great Pain Deception" by Steve Ozanich and hold the book in a high regard. My main symptom is tightness around the vocal chords and in the muscles around the throat. This makes it especially difficult to talk and project my voice. It also makes it difficult to articulate words properly. Also I have difficulty swallowing normal bites of food and I have to chew the food longer as the swallowing muscles are also significantly tight. I was officially diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia. I dont really have any pain, I have more tightness and discomfort. When it comes to TMS, all everyone says is Pain pain pain, and I dont really have pain which makes it even harder to believe it is TMS.

    I also have many muscle imbalances all over my body. My right shoulder sags a little lower than the left and all the muscles in around the neck, superficial or deep, are tight. You name the muscle, Ill tell you its tight. But especially the right side of my body more than the left. I have trouble engaging my right pec while working out, my right shoulder, my right leg (quads and hamstrings), My right arm etc. The only muscles on the right side that are stronger than my left are the lats and triceps. I also have extremely rounded shoulders and massively winged shoulder blades. I have done physical therapy for three months trying to loosen me up and balance me out. I have also tried all the workout techniques to fix muscle imbalances (different weight distributions) but nothing has worked. I am wondering if the reason why my shoulders are so forward is because my scalenes and muscles along the side, especially deep within the neck, are solid like a rock. Again, I could do all the pullbacks in the world but my shoulders will still be forward. It is also alarming to me when I look at pictures of when I was younger and i see that my posture was terrible while everyone else had good posture. I used to walk with my hips extremely forward like my lower back was really tight. I am wondering if the TMS, which i believe started when i was less than 3 years old, found my spine and neck to be a vulnerable place to store tension and it just continued to get progressively worse. Although i have all the symptoms of scoliosis and kyphosis, i went to a spine specialist recently and ruled that out. So im wondering if thats a possibility. Or, even if i was born with a slightly curved spine which gradually got worse, if its possible to straighten it back out with TMS healing as i dont have back pain. Is it possible for all the small muscles within the spine to get tight and alter the spines physiology?

    At one point i resorted to Hanna Somatics or pandiculation and I got really good results for the short term. I plan on practicing somatics for the rest of my life as it is really beneficial and much better than stretching as it teaches the brain new muscular patterns. After learning about TMS, i stopped doing somatics as the TMSer is supposed to stop all therapy techniques. I am wondering if i should continue to do somatics throughout my recovery process as its not your conventional therapy, or if this will only stop my progress in the healing stage.

    • Other symptoms i have experienced at one point or another:
    • skin rash that makes the skin extremely itchy and red when my body starts to heat up.
    • dry skin on my hands. Sometimes even when its fairly warm outside.
    • frequent nosebleeds
    • tricep twitches
    • all the symptoms of thoracic outet syndrome.
    • heavy hands (when moving them, like when i run very fast and pump my arms)
    • achilles pain and soreness on the right ankle
    • chest pain (not a heart attack)
    • neck pain (more tightness than pain, but slight pain)
    • very clicky joints (especially the back and neck)
    • winged shoulder blades (yes, i have tried strengthening the serratus anterior and it hasnt worked. it is hard for me to engage both sides properly while doing the excercise itself as i have so many imbalances.)
    • tightness around everything in the brachial plexus region causing weaker right bicep and many other things.
    • slight spine twist (maybe its just tighter muscles on one side?)
    It is just alot harder for me to believe in the TMS process because I dont have the regular symptoms and pain that most people associate TMS with. Therefore, I would appreciate your input, whether big or small.

    Thank You
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy Well known member

    I have asophageal spasms. The first time I went to the ER thinking it was a heart attack. My dad had a heart attack at age 34, so I am cautious. That first time was painful, but it never is anymore. It's not quite what you're saying, but TMS does cause a huge variety of symptoms. When it happens now I am able to calm myself and it goes away.

    Reading your post I was thinking it sounds like you are pressuring yourself a lot. Try to slow down your process of healing. Easing into the things you learn about TMS will help tremendously.

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