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My TMS shifted again to my old pain

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by paingoaway, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. paingoaway

    paingoaway New Member

    As soon as I joined the forum, my Trigeminal Pain that flared up with excessive necessary dental work dissapeared. Did not take me much to convince myself that it was TMS. But unfortunately my pelvic pain came back with revenge. This pain has been the worse of all since I have had it for the last 2 years. It has gradually diminished but now it is making me very uncomfortable. My lower back and sciatica pain also came back along with the pelvic pain. Tight pelvic floor muscles was my diagnosis afterseeing many dr and spending thousands on internal physical therapy. The soreness and sometimes burning increases as soon as I start whith my doubting What if.... this is something horrible like PGAD and I just die ? Why am I always obsessing about the worse escenarios in my life. Overall Im healthy and started to work out almost every day since I realized that working out was not making me worse , at least it helps with the depression.
  2. MicheleRenee

    MicheleRenee Peer Supporter

    Please Do not let your mind go down that road... I know it's difficult but that is classic TMS trying to distract you into thinking the worst. Plus there have been people on this site who have had PGAD who have recovered. I think you need to start looking at WHY this is most likely TMS (you have recovered from these issues before using TMS work... so it most likely (I want to say definitely, but I'm not a Doc) is TMS! So instead of going down the "I'm going to feed TmS what it wants" road start working on it as you have before but amp it up as it keeps coming back. You must be having some serious stressors in your life, look at those things as triggers. What has happened recently? You sound like you already have the answers and need someone's convincing (typical TMS personality trait = self-doubter). Saying things like "At least"... are self-defense tools. start removing these precursors from your vocab. Instead of saying "at least it helps with the depression" Say "It helps with the depression". Really explore why you are obsessing about the worst scenarios... this sounds like an underlying emotional issue that you NEED to explore and is setting you back in your recovery. Keep feeling your emotions everyday... practise meditation (if you don't already) as it may help your mind differentiate from reality and worst case scenarios. Get professional help if you need it. But please don't allow your mind to go down that path because that is what TMS feeds off of and it will get worse doing so. You CAN do this! You have done it before! Here's a success story that I have found very helpful everytime I get those doubts: http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/i-reclaimed-my-life.12729/ (I reclaimed my life)
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  3. paingoaway

    paingoaway New Member

    Thanks Michele for your positive reinforcement. You were right about how stressful my life is right now and also i am aware of whats affecting me. This is the challenge part for me learning how to deal with my emotions every day. I will keep working on this until I get better again. Take care!

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